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4 Month Old Refuses a Bottle

G.M. asks from San Francisco

I have been breastfeeding my son since birth with no problems. I was so scared of "nipple confusion that I rarely gave him a bottle. (mabey twice) Now he refuses it. ...


Rice Cereal for 1 1/2 Month Old

E.W. asks from St. Louis

Hi everyone! My son's pediatrician has asked me to put rice cereal in the bottle for my son to eat all day (not just at night). I have been trying to gradually do t...


6 Month Old Wont Take Bottle

E.G. asks from Providence

My 6 month old daughter still refuses to take a bottle... even the few times I have left her with my mom for a few hours she holds out as long as she can. I just want...


The Best Nipples or Bottles for My 1 Month Old

K.P. asks from Clarksville

i have been exclusively breastfeeding, but started pumping a couple days ago. my daughter was fussy tonight and she fed until i believe there wasn't anything left so ...


My 3 Month Has Horrible Acid Reflex

S.S. asks from Milwaukee

My son has acid reflex and has been on 2 different medications for it and on similac alimentum and nothing is working. We have to feed him up right then keep him sit...


5 Month Old Gasps for Air! Help

J.B. asks from San Francisco

Just about 4-5 days ago, my 5-month old started making these gasping noises like he couldn't breathe. Usually it happens shortly after he has a bottle of formula. I t...


11 Month Old Not Liking Bottle Any More

S.S. asks from Atlanta

Our 11 month old doesn't care for her bottle any more. If she could only figure out how to use her sippy cup, I'd just give her that! But she hasn't figured out how t...


4 1/2 Month Old Milk Sensitivity???

A.L. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 4 1/2 month old that we think may have to same milk sensitivity as her older sister did. She started to get cojested and nasally when she was 3months old. ...


Colic and Reflux

T.B. asks from Dallas

Hi all, Anyone out there have any tricks for easing the pains of Colic? My 6 week old son is on medication for reflux, we have changed formulas, are using Gripe ...


Breastfeeding and Bottles

J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

Hello Everyone! For various reasons I have decided to try to get my 6 month old to take a bottle. The only time he has ever really taken a bottle was when he was abou...