Fussy Baby with Lots of Burps and Gas!!! Help!!

Updated on August 01, 2011
N.T. asks from Macomb, MI
10 answers

My 6 week old is having a lot of issues with burps and gas. I am using dr. browns bottles and just switched to gentlease formula by enfamil a week ago (meant for this issue). She is hard to burp and it is not unusual for her to have up to 5 burps for up to an hour after a feed. Of course the evenings are the worst, from 6-10 she is usually pretty cranky. I did not experience this with my other kids and am wondering if anyone has any advice that might help!



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answers from New York on

Good luck N.! 6 weeks to about 8 weeks of age is usually a high colic period in babies. Use mylicon drops, pump her legs up and down to help her move the gas out, rub her belly, do infant massage with baby oil on her. Warm baths help. And she should go to sleep earlier than 10 pm too. She may be overtired on top of being gassy.
You know having had other kids that this will pass. Some babies are colicky and some are not.
This too shall pass! Good luck to you...I have a 3 month old, 3 yo and nearly 5 yo.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I use Mylicon drops and if that doesn't help, getting into a warm bath with my babies resting on my chest always seemed to be the only thing help them stop screaming. (Until we had to get out of the bath LOL) Good Luck Mama! Its tough I know....

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answers from Los Angeles on

Get gas drops : ) Worked wonders on my son!!

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answers from Honolulu on

Mylicon Infant Gas Drops.

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answers from Detroit on

It's possible it could be the formula...babies have a hard time digesting milk protein this young you may need to switch to a soy base. Good luck & congrats on your little one.



answers from New York on

even the most expensive bottles can cause colic and gas... you have to feed her with her head slightly above the tummy, after feeding let her lie on her tummy (watch her closely) for a while.. i let my daughter lie on her tummy on my tummy until she is 5 months... this will help her burp out the gas..

if she is cranky and fussy i massage her tummy with mild chamomile oil.. i also put oil on her a-hole.... this relieves her and put her to sleep..



answers from Portland on

Add some probiotic to her bottle once a day. For Bifidus or Primadophilus (both good for infants) add about 1/4 tsp of the powdered probiotic a day (not per bottle).

Our naturopath put my son on 1/4 tsp of Bifidus a day when he was 2 weeks old. My kids came out of the shoot gassy. My son came out so fast that the fluids didn't get squeezed out of his system and it caused havoc. The Bifidu did wonders for his little system. I BF and would finger feed him the 1/4 tsp every evening until it was gone. It will be much easier with a bottle fed baby. Just mix it in.

The probiotic worked so much better and was longer term than constantly having to give Mylacon or Gripe Water (this worked better than Mylacon, though).

Good luck to you and your little one.



answers from Phoenix on

Mylicon gas drops before feedings and as needed after feedings can help with the gas. I would also get some gripe water (my favorite is Wellements's Organic Gripe Water found at Walgreens) and add a dose to her bottles to help with gas, colic and fussiness. Gripe water is made with fennel and ginger, both of which help with digestion. There is also the Happi Tummi, which is an herbal pack that you heat in the microwave and wrap around the baby's tummy. The heat, pressure and soothing aroma help to calm them down and ease tummy troubles. Try starting a bedtime routine of bath if needed, Johnson's Bedtime lotion (lavender scent for calming), clean diaper and then swaddling her during her pm feeding, somewhere around 6:30-7 pm, which might help the fussiness and teach her that these are the cues for calming down and bedtime. It may take a little while for her to catch on, but it will get better. Try any or all of these suggestions for a few nights until you see what seems to help. Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

My son and I took an Itsy Bitsy yoga class when he was about that age and many of the exercises we did helped calm him a lot. Maybe you can find a baby yoga or infant massage class. Otherwise you can search online and find a lot of information about massage techniques geared at gastrointestinal upset in infants.

Also, it may very well be gas, but most infants have a fussy period in the evening. For help with that I'd suggest Happiest Baby on the Block. The fussiness peaks around 6 weeks and then gradually improves until about 3 months of age. Good luck!



answers from Portland on

I would try switching to playtex drop ins because you can squeeze the air out, so they actually don't get any air unless they dont' have a good latch. Also, try a soy formula. Both of my kids did better with it because the milk proteins are only partially broken down. My problem with dr browns bottles are that they don't stop flowing if the baby stops sucking, so they cause air to go in, or the baby can choke or gag. Hylands makes colic pills and they are LIFESAVERS!!! I have a 11 week old with acid reflux and we use these a lot. They work better than the mylicon. If the soy doesn't work, my doc said it can be hard to process like milk in some babies, then try the alimentum or nutramingen. Probiotics are a great thing too, but take a little while to work. Good luck!

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