Pregnancy Complications: Myself

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Pregnancy Complications and Wants to Have Another Baby

I had very serious complications after my 3rd pregnancy. I had a 6 hour c-section and went into DIC and then had blood clots in my lungs. This is the first child for my husband. We really want more children. I am not sure if I should have another child. Any opinions or stories of your own complicated deliveries are greatly appriciated. I am not really looking for advice more than positive outcomes from other people. I am going to have a doctors opinion before I make a decision.

Bed rest

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Advice for Bedrest?

Does anyone have any good tips for dealing with a (hopefully) long stretch of bedrest? I was in the hospital for a while and am now home and need to make things a little easier on myself and keep busy.


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What to Do About Depression???

Hi, My husband has always been moody. I just took it to be in his nature. Now that we have kids, however, he gets into these "moods" much more often, sometimes twice a week, if they only last a day or so. Sometimes they last a whole week and more! And I HATE it! I don't know what to do. He is not abusive, though sometimes can be mean. He tends to just be quiet and not say anything. I have to take care of the kids myself, as he does not want to be involved when he's in a mood. It's to the point where my soon to be three-year-old...

High Risk Factors

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High Risk Pregnancy

I recently found out that I'm almost 10 weeks pregnant. When I went to the doctor he advised that normally 35 years and older are considered to be high risk. I know older women have happy healthy babies all the time & I have been reading up alot of high risk pregnancies. Just wanted to get some input from other moms out there to kinda put my mind at ease & find out of any possible complications anyone may have endured. I know I am probably making myself crazy for nothing but any input or advice would help make me not be such a worry wart....


High Risk Dr?

I am looking for a good well recommended high risk Dr one preferably that...

Low Amniotic fluid

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Low Amniotic Fluid

32 weeks and just had an ultrasound. Dr said my amniotic fluid was low! Does anyone have any information on this one? Very nervous with what I have read online.


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Is This a Miscarriage?

I suddenly had a gush of blood today and have been bleeding off and on, but no clots. I am somewhere around week 9-10 and I also have had lots of abdominal pain and a sharp pain right in the middle there. This is Sunday, and I am avoiding the ER at all costs (I hate it) , so I am going to schedule my first appointment to be checked tomorrow and go asap to see what is going on. Any one else who had a miscarriage and experienced pain. This would be my third child, but I have never bled during my previous 2 pregnancies. I have had severe...


Miscarriage or Not?

So I found out I was pregnant last month on 5/26 with HPT. I went to get...


Morning Sickness

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No Morning Sickness...

Not that I'm complaining, but I'm 7 weeks along and still no sign of morning sickness. I had terrible morning sickness during the 1st trimester of my 1st pregnancy, and it feels strange to feel so healthy right now. Anybody had morning sickness make its debut after 7 weeks? Or might I just be lucky enough not to get it at all?

Spotting & Bleeding

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Bleeding During Pregnancy

Hi moms, Question about my sister's pregnancy. She is 4 months along and for the past 2 1/2 weeks she has been bleeding, it started out as spotting but is now bleeding. She has been passing clots and goes through pads sometimes ever hour. She will have a good day with little bleeding and then a bad day with lots of bleeding and big clots. She has been to her doctor and the er several times and they say bleeding during pregnancy is normal. They have done testing and ultrasounds and say the baby is fine and hear a strong heartbeat but...


I Am Bleeding..

I am out of my mind hysterical. I am bleeding... I am 8 weeks pregnant and...

Health & Safety

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Severely Anxious All the Time About My Children's Safety

hello lovely mamas, I'm in desperate need of advice; first I want to say that I don't read news, but on the rare occasion that I do there's ALWAYS a horror story about a child being , abducted, murdered etc. I get instantly paranoid about my girls safety; I have 3 daughters and I cannot tell you how many nightmares I've had about them being lost, abducted or killed and the anxiety I experience when my oldest goes to school. I feel awful posting this and I'm not even sure if I should post here, but this is the only parenting website I...


Pregnancy and Anxiety

Does anyone have any tactful way of telling an expecting mom not to worry so...