High Risk Pregnancy OB/GYN

Updated on October 02, 2008
S.F. asks from Saint Paul, MN
8 answers

Hi, can anyone recommend a High Risk Pregnancy doc in the St. Paul area. I'm new to town and will have a complicated pregnancy.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your recommendations and wonderful feedback!

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Partners OB/GYN in Maplewood, across the street from Maplewood Mall are the best OBs in the east Metro. I started going there with my second on the recommendation of an OB RN at St. John's. I couldn't ask for a better reference than that. I'm now there with my third pregnancy and the service is even better, not that there was much need for improvement.

Good luck!

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While not St Paul and not knowing your level of risk, I would highly recommend Women's Health Consultants and then Minnesota Perinatal. While WHC is not specifically targeted towards high risk, my experience is that they are well connected with specialty groups and are very good surgeons. WHC has offices in downtown Mpls and near Abbott and Minnesota Perinatal has offices at Abbott and Southdale (and maybe somewhere else).



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Dr Stephanie Callanan at the Woodbury Allina clinic is good - I think she's also with Parkview(?) in Maplewood or Oakdale... not sure. But she's great and you'd deliver at United Hospital which is also great.



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Welcome to the Twin Cities, Sarah! I highly recommend going to the U of MN/Fairview for a high-risk pregnancy. I'm type I diabetic and my pregnancies are considered high-risk. I see Dr. Samantha Kehoe at Fairview University Women's Clinic in Minneapolis. Most of the doctors split their time between Fairview University and Fairview Riverside, which is in Minneapolis, but not far from you (east on 94 to Riverside Avenue). Kehoe is a resident (I feel she has more time to spend with me than some of the other doctors and she's nearly at the end of her residency and will be staying with Fairview when she's finished). Fairview Univeristy and Fairview Riverside are together ranked one of the top OB/GYN centers in the nation and they're truly wonderful with high-risk. At the end of my pregnancies, they always do weekly ultrasounds and schedule me for a lot of tests other doctors wouldn't think of doing (a fetal EKG, etc.). If you're interested, the phone number for Riverside is ###-###-#### and their address is 701 - 25th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55454.

Good luck and I hope you'll enjoy the Twin Cities!


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Hi Sarah~

I highly recommend Dr. Daniel Chou of Diamond Women's Center. Their office is in Edina, MN, but I have to tell you that I had 3 high risk pregnancies and I was referred to Dr. Chou after my first.

He is honestly the "best" doctor out there and has even been written up in a MN Dr's magazine etc. So many women go to him and I am so thankful for him and all his care and concern for my children. He walks you through all of it and gives you all your options.....he hides nothing and is so forthright!!!!

Good luck to you and your little one on the way~



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Depends if it REALLY will be a high risk or if you have been given mis information to make you feel it is high risk.

It can often depend on the background information and research that you do. Many believe twins are high risk and others do not ...

You may genuinly BE high risk - but there is research that shows if you are TOLD you are high risk and go on the intervention route ... other problems that could have been avoided THEN happen.

I was told I was high risk which in my case was a total lie and a decade later I still have to endure irriversable consequences...

Good luck with your pregnancy :)




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Twin Cities Perinatal Physicians is a great clinic. I went there for my second pregnancy. They're located in the Garden View Building connected to United Hospital.

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