Extremely Worried About Pregnancy Complications

Updated on August 14, 2011
H.H. asks from Wilkes Barre, PA
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I had an appointment with my high risk ob today. I am 19 weeks with our third child, a baby girl, and the doctors did an ultrasound today. I was very surprised when the doctor came in and explained to me that certain parts of the baby on the ultrasound will come out brighter and white, like bones and blood. He went on to explain that they are concerned because our baby's bowels came up the same way as the bones and blood do, making them think that our baby has blood in her bowels. They think she may have swallowed blood, that she has an infection, or a more serious complication. Her growth can be effected, by these "unlikely" scenios. She has measured in growth in the 65th percentile right now. They kept saying that these were all "what ifs" and that our baby is probably fine and healthy. Her anatomy, brain, heart, limbs, etc., is all formed perfectly, but it's the blood in her bowels they are concerned about. On top of that, our baby is in the completely wrong position, in a transverse position, where she is laying straight across my stomach, which I was told can be very uncomfortable and even painful - which it is. I have an appointment with my normal ob on monday, where they will tell me what testing needs to be done and schedule them. The doctor today did make a point to suggest an amniocentisis but also told me that it is voluntary due to its risk and that at 19 weeks, chances are high that I will lose the baby. I'm very upset about all this. I don't know much of what is going on or why. Nothing remotely close to this situation occurred with our first two children. I had relatively no complications with them at all. And suddenly, I don't know if I'm going to lose my baby or if she's sick and I have no idea what to do.

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answers from Portland on

I agree with the other posters. Breathe, relax, and let your non-stressed body continue to help the baby develop normally. As the baby's growth continues, it will become clearer how your baby is developing. In terms of the baby's position, seems to me the baby will move around quite a bit prior to the birth and even the third trimester! I'm sorry you are uncomfortable and worried. Stay cozy, find comfort in your family and even the posters here!

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answers from Houston on

So sorry you are going through this! I do have to say to, first and foremost, pray about it and only do what you feel comfortable doing (tests)! She probably IS fine. My best friend is pregnant and she just went through all sorts of blood tests, genetic testing, ultrasounds, etc. bc they thought her baby (#3) has Downs. So they did an amnio at 24 (?) weeks, and he is perfectly healthy. I will pray for you & baby. Just remember that medical tests can be wrong over and over again!

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answers from Des Moines on

There's is nothing "wrong" with the baby's position, especially so early. That's how my son spent most of the pregnancy, but he turned and dropped into position at 36 weeks. It can just get uncomfortable for mom, especially if baby is up high like Isaac was-- I think he used my diaphragm has a tampoline-- it always felt like it was hard to eat, drink and breath

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answers from Kansas City on

okay, H., first things first...Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!! Secondly, take a deep breath and try to relax, better said than done I know. Try no to "what if" yourself into a panic attack, remember when you stress out it affects the baby. At this point, #1- they dont know for sure that there is a problem, #2- if there is there isnt anything that is going to change that right now, and #3 worrying or stressing about it doesnt help or chage a thing. So for now just try to not think about it and just be calm.

I dont blame you for not wanting to do the amnio, my perinatologist told us we could get one with our first son, they thought there was a very slight chance he had Downs Syndrome but he ended up not having it. The perinatologist told us that there was a 1 in 500 chance of miscarraige if we did the amnio, that was just way to high of odds for us.
When I was pregnant with my twins, for about a month they were both transverse, so I know your pain girl!!! Your baby will move eventually and it will feel sooooooooooo much better.
My sons were all born with bilateral cleft lip and palate, so I also understand how scared you are not knowing and having all the crappy what if's....but all will be okay, i'm sure it is nothing but if not, remember there is nothing you can do now but to relax and just keep on doing everything right like you are for you and your baby!!! I'll be praying for you all!!!!!!!

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answers from Eugene on

Ultrasound is still an inexact science. Please do not spin your wheels. Everything here is a what if. IF you don't want to lose the baby and you intend to continue the pregnancy no matter what might be wrong with the baby don't bother with an amnio.
Do some fun things over the weekend. You only have to face what is, not a speculation.

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answers from Seattle on

Ultrasound is inexact. They saw a bright spot on an ultrasound. It might mean many things. It probably means nothing.

Your baby's position at this point is irrelevant. Babies move around a lot. Sorry you're uncomfortable, though. Maybe you can play some music and get her to dance a bit?

If your baby is measuring in the 65th percentile for growth, she's obviously not having her growth affected significantly. This would tend to support the theory that the bright spot on the ultrasound is irrelevant to your baby's health.

When considering tests of any kind, ask these questions:
What will it mean if the test comes back positive?
What will it mean if the test comes back negative?
What is the accuracy of this test?
What is the rate of false positives? False negatives?
What are the risks of the test itself?
What actions, if any, would different test results cause me to choose?

Not all tests tell us anything useful. Feel free to decline tests that will not offer you anything but stress.

As much as possible, take a deep breath and let go of what you heard the doctor say. Talk to your baby. Listen to your intuition. Do you believe there is a problem? If there is no indication of a problem other that a bright spot on a blob on a machine, the machine is probably wrong.

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answers from Kansas City on

When I was pregnant with my fourth, the doctors saw what they thought may be water in his lungs, indicating a strong possibility of Down's or other abnormalities. My choices (according to them) were amnio (at 20 percent risk of miscarriage), abortion (at which I told them they were to never mention killing my child again) or not knowing. The not knowing was agony and I had 20 weeks of intense prayer and preparation for the many "what if's" and preparing my heart to accept whatever child I had. My son was perfect and is the delight of our hearts. He is 8 now. It was worth the anxiety.

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answers from Houston on

Oh girl I am sorry that they hit you with so much at that appointment! First as everyone else said, try to chill. US is an inexact thing and it could be absolutely nothing. I suggest skipping the amnio as well simply bc it could be harmful and likely your baby is just fine. My first was transverse and he turned right at the end, so that is probably a non issue for you as well. Just hang in there, relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Wish you the best!!

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answers from Wausau on

I am sorry that you are going through this. u/s are wonderful in that we can see the babies and see "possibilities" of issue with the baby. They seem to be a lot of could be this or that. for a maybe I would never do a amnio and risk loss. The good news is they are aware that something could be going on which means they will probably be ready to handle the situation if it were to arise at delivery. That is one of the main reasons I think for u/s so that they can be prepared if something "IF" something were to become necessary at birth. My second child until delivery had a "mass" that was of huge topic in his little body but after delivery it mysteriously was not there. So sometimes a good ending comes of it and you just can never know.

Oh and there is lots of time for that little one to move out of that position. Baby is not stuck there yet!

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answers from Philadelphia on

The ultrasound I had of my third child showed that she was missing the middle bone of her pinky finger. Having a shorter bone is one of the markers for Downs syndrome. The Perinatologist said she only saw the bone missing once and the child was severely effected by Downs. She had us convinced. To make a long story short my daughter does not have downs and she has all the bones in her finger that the average person has. It turns out the bone just did not calcify yet. Ultrasounds can be wrong. A doctor at CHOP told me that ultrasounds are just glorified fish finders.



answers from Philadelphia on

I don't have much experience directly with what you're describing, but I will say that ultrasounds aren't 100% perfect...... My doctor told me that I HAD to have a C-section because my baby was going to be SO big......... Huge...... He was only 7.5 pounds (over 1 pound less than I weighed at birth)

I know it's so hard not to worry...... At least you are only half-way along, so there is a strong chance that she will switch positions. If I were you, I would follow my instincts and gut with the amniocentesis. If you are truly concerned that there could be serious defects, go for it........... if your gut tells you that doing the test could risk the pregnancy, feel free to turn it down.

I wish you the best of luck and am crossing my fingers for you. Hugs.


answers from Pittsburgh on

Awwwww! I'm having flashbacks of my pregnancy where actual things were going wrong, and were some things could or could not have been wrong depending on what was seen during u/s. My son was supposed to be brain damaged (his head was measuring a month smaller - and I'd been leaking since 16wk, so it was thought due to dehydration) (he just has a small head, still only in the 4th % at 3yo). He was supposed to need to be life-flighted to Children's for emergency kidney surgery after birth because he had kidney failure (it worked the second he was born). There were all kinds of what ifs and its frustrating for the docs and heartbreaking for the parents.

I hope all goes well with your next appointment, so that you have peace and can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Good luck!

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