Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Updated on October 10, 2012
B.E. asks from Homestead, FL
10 answers

Can other children get morning sickness while their mother is pregnant?

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answers from Springfield on

No, it's not like having the stomach flu. It has to do with how the mom's body reacts to the hormones, nothing more. My oldest got so used to me being sick that when my husband came home and asked where Mommy was, he very calmly looked up and said, "In the bathroom throwing up." He never got sick, though I was having trouble remembering what was so great about eating. I remember now and have gained the weight to prove it!

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answers from Houston on

morning sickness is very contagious... to those who are having unprotected sex....

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answers from San Francisco on

No, but if I see someone throwing up, if I don't get away quick, I will throw up too.

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answers from Minneapolis on

seriously? if your serious and not trolling. I am going with the answer.. NO its hormone related its not contagious.

If your bored and just having fun then, hahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahah poor kids.

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answers from Redding on

Never heard of it or known of it to happen. Kids could get sick of their pregnant mom tho maybe? And act out or act like mom I guess. Seriously tho, I've never heard of it. If anything it would be "aping".

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answers from Charlotte on

Well, if I am understanding your question, since you didn't really elaborate, you are asking if your child who says her tummy doesn't feel good and that she needs to throw up might be doing it because you or your friend have morning sickness in front of her.

Yes, it's possible. But it's psychological. It's not like she's going to catch a virus. If you throw up in front of her and she smells it, that could make her wretch or even throw up.

I'd get her out of the house with someone else or go out with her to help you both "forget" the morning sickness. And I wouldn't talk about feeling sick with her.

Children can be very empathetic.


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answers from San Diego on

no i think it may not happen.....!!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Maybe.. I mean, weirder things could happen. Men often gain weight while their wife is pregnant. My hubby gained more than I did, lol.

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answers from Washington DC on

welcome to mamapedia!!! what a great first question!!! don't "get" morning sickness...they can have what is called couvade syndrome...otherwise known as psychological symptoms.

Couvade is French for "hatch" so they use that for men who are experiencing morning sickness when their wives are pregnant...

other than that? I call troll.


answers from New York on

Yes, of course they can, if they are female children, past puberty and having unprotected sex

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