Tachycardia During Pregnancy

Updated on June 17, 2010
K.A. asks from Denton, TX
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I am on my third pregnancy and am 29 weeks along. I have had tachycardia with each pregnancy though this time seems to be the worst. My resting heart rate is usually around 100 and then if I get up to do something like make a sandwich or brush my teeth it jumps up to 140. It is truly debilitating because I'm so exhausted all the time and now I'm starting to get really bad headaches with it too. I visited the cardiologist who pretty much acted like it was no big deal and did not seem to have a lot of sympathy. It's been really hard because I have a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old to take care of but it's darn near impossible to keep up with them. I'm just wondering if any of you have experienced this during your pregnancies and how did you deal with it? Any tricks that helped your hr slow down at all (other than avoiding caffeine)? Were you ever put on bedrest? Did it cause any complications during your delivery? I just felt like I didn't get a lot of answers from the doc and wanted to hear from moms who have been there. Thanks so much :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for all of your input. I ended up talking with my cardiologist some more and then talking with my OB and they decided that putting me on some medicine would probably be best. They prescribed me Toprol which I am going to get filled today and assured me that taking it this late in pregnancy would not have adverse effects on the baby (most of what I've read online from other mom's seems to say the same). It's a category C and has the potential to slow down baby's HR but they are just going to keep a closer eye on him. I am thrilled about the possibility of some relief and being able to take care of my family again as we have become completely dependent on others to get us through each day! Thank you all again for taking the time to respond :)

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I know I'm responding late, but I decided to add my 2 cents. I also developed tachycardia during pregnancy- twin pregnancy. I was put on partial bedrest around 27 weeks. The doctor told me that I could only work 2 hours at a time. It really knocked me on my a**. My resting heart rate is about 60 so it really was very disturbing to have my heart beat so erratically. I was told to lay down on my left side whenever it started to race.

My daughters are now 8 years old and I still have the tachycardia. It did not subside. It is still debilitating at times and the heat only makes it work. it also makes me dizzy at times and I was told that it isn't that big of deal by my cardiologist. I had another complete work up 2 years ago and I check out just fine.

I have also found that I cannot take cold medicine. The ingredient makes my heart race so fast that I cannot even stay vertical. I layed on my living room floor for 4 hours and I had to show my girls how to dial 911 in case I fell down and passed out whenever I got up to use the bathroom. It was scary.

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I had that with my first pregnancy. Boy is it scary. I thought for sure something was really wrong. I got an EKG and went to a cardiologist. Everything came back normal and he basically told me it was a result of the pregnancy. Mine was the opposite though. I was fine when I was up and moving, it was when I was resting - specifically when I was laying down where it posed a problem.

In the end, there wasn't anything that the drs could do about it. They did tell me that if I started getting dizzy and/or short of breath along with the tachycardia to be sure to call ASAP. Other than that I didn't really get any guidance other then to have the reassurance that all the tests came back OK.

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Just make sure if you are getting short of breath or dizzy to let them know. It can develop into something more serious. It's caused by all the increased blood you have since you are pregnant. I had it both times as well, though mine turned into re-occuring atrial fibrillation which I have been dealing with ever since. (I had my last child 3 years ago) Deliberate breathing, relaxation techniques, and a healthy diet all help tremendously, but not 100% of the time. Hope that helps!



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I got it horribly bad. my baby is 5 weeks now. the relief of delivery was amazing...my pulse also hit 140ish. i had palpitations, first. then one night i got sweaty and cold at the same time and dizzy. finally, i started tremoring. very very scary. it mostly occurred at night, but also had a few days with symptoms. ask the dr of they checked your thyroid early on. i am hyperthyroid. i was prescribed propranalol for the symptoms of the heart issue after my ekg/echo came back fine. its category c though and made me feel weird.



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I really could not do anything to calm my heart. It happened when I was active and not.

I went to a cardiologist and he administered all the tests and inlcuding wearing the heart monitor for 24 hours. He ended up prescribing metoprolol. Once they figured out the right dosage (they started me on the smallest) my racing heart rate completely went away. I stopped taking the medicine when I went into labor.

I would recommend to get a second opinion.

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