Diet & Exercise

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Sushi While Breastfeeding.

I was wondering if it is okay to have sushi while you are breastfeeding? I stayed away from it while I was pregnant, but I wonder if it is okay to have while you are nursing. I haven't heard from my doctor yet. And I am not a member of a breastfeeding support group so I was curious what anyone else knew about it.


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Exercise During Pregnancy

Has anyone heard of or has a copy of "Pregnancy without pounds" by Michelle Moss? Is this worth getting? Are there really good information about exercise and keeping fit during pregnancy in that book? Also does anyone have a good book/CD recommendation for exercise during pregnancy. Thanks!!


Do You Exercise?

Why or why not? If you do exercise, what do you do? If you don't...


Pregnancy Workout DVD

I want to work out while I'm pregnant. My Dr. has cleared me to do so, I don...

Food Cravings & Aversions

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2 Months Pregnant with Food Aversions

This is my second pregnancy and, like my first preg I have nausea but not getting sick. With my first preg, all kinds of food sounded great and whatever food commercial I saw on tv, that's what I wanted for dinner. But with this preg I'm noticing that I'm slightly repulsed by foods that I usually like. I can start eating something then just have this 'bleh' feeling and not want it. And even now I'm not sure what I want to eat because everything just doesn't sound appealing, plus I feel queasy so it doesn't help. Does this go away with the...


Pregnancy and Anxiety

Does anyone have any tactful way of telling an expecting mom not to worry so...

Vitamins & Supplements

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Supplements and Vitamins

I was told to start taking supplements and vitamins 3 months before I got pregnant but I do not know which ones I should start taking. What were you told to take when you were pregnant?