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S.T. asks from Albany

I just found out today that I lost a baby, 10 wks (I have three other children) and they were about to do D&C but I had a TERRIBLE reaction to the stuff they were usi...



A.W. asks from Cleveland

I recently found out that I was pregnant (i actually had a previous post on here AM I PREGNANT?) anyways I was pregnant but ended up having a miscarraige yesterday (F...



T.B. asks from Honolulu

Hi im scheduled to have a 2 day d&c procedure and was wondering if anyone may be able to infor me of what i will expect the next 2 days...im really scared because thi...



G.T. asks from Myrtle Beach

Hi again! I just found out today that I need a d&c. I have to be there at 9:30 in the morning. I cannot tell you how scared I am right now. If anyone has ever gone th...


Miscarriage and D&C

C.Z. asks from Omaha

I had a Dr apt yesterday with an ultrasound. There was no heartbeat. I am more than lost right now but thats not the problem. I have a D&C monday and I dont know wha...


D&C And Laproscopy

R.P. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi there I just found out today at the DR that I have to have a D&C and a Laproscopy procedure. I have endometriosis and have had a scope before but not for that reas...


Period After D&c

J.M. asks from Lansing

I was in the process of a miscarriage and I had a d&c. That was 37 days ago and I have not started my period yet. The dr. never said when it would start back up, so I...


What Should I Expect with a D&C?

K.R. asks from Washington DC

I posted before about being pregnant but only seeing an empty gestational sac. Well, I had my last ultrasound today, which still showed an empty gestational sac that ...


Pregnancy After D&C

B.M. asks from Chicago

Ok i was 7 weeks pregnant but the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks the dr. said it was a viable pregnancy so i had a d&c 3 weeks ago. but the past two days i have been...