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Updated on May 21, 2009
L.S. asks from Chesapeake, VA
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My husband and I just found out we will have to move for his job, but the time frame for when we move is up to us. Before finding this out, our plan was to start trying to get pregnant again at the end of this year, but since we are now going to have to move away we may speed that plan up. Has anyone had a good experience with finding a new OB in a new city in the last trimester of your pregnancy? I really don't like the idea of switching doctors in the middle of a pregnancy, but I am sure it is done. Does anyone have any advice?

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answers from Washington DC on

Hi L.,
I had to switch with two out of my three pregnancies. The first one at the beginning of my 7th month, the second one at 8 months. For number 2 I only saw the doctor maybe 2 times and then another doctor from the practice delivered my baby. I had no complications during my pregnancy or delivery so it really wasn't an issue. The nurses were GREAT during labor and delivery.

The only thing I would suggest that I didn't think about is to immediately talk to the new doctor about what you would like to happen during labor and delivery. Do you want an episiotomy, when and what type of drugs do you want, etc. Maybe then they can write it in your records.

I did not do this and before I knew it I was getting prepped for an episiotomy that I didn't want or need.....thankfully the nurses listened to me and the doctor did not cut me and baby came out fine. (I have small babies and knew that)

Check with your health insurance about process of switching, covered doctors in your new area, etc. I would have a doctor/practice picked out prior to moving.

Good luck. Babies come way or another......and if you have no complications you just need someone to catch the little one (or at least that is how it literally seemed with number 2. not so much with number 3!)



answers from Washington DC on

Honestly, I'd wait until after you move. I was military and moved during pregnancies too many times to count. I hated moving while I was pregnant. It'll be exhausting and there's the pressure of finding a new OB and getting to know a new hospital so quickly. I really would wait until after you've moved, then you'll have the leisure to make a really informed choice and ask locals for recommendations. I think you'll be grateful you did. This will also give you a chance to really get the family settled into the new house and get everything arranged/painted the way you want etc..

Being pregnant during a move just adds a lot more pressure. Moving is stressful enough.



answers from Dover on

I moved in July and had the baby in Ocotober with no problems with my new docs. My best advise is to look online for a moms group in your new town (Mothers & More, Moms Club, there are lots of others!). E-mail them that you are moving to the area and looking for advise on OBs. Moms with young kids are the best resources for what docs are good in an area!! Just be sure the new OB office is in align with the type of birth you want to have.
Best of luck!



answers from Washington DC on

Ive had to switch in the middle of my pregnancy and it wasnt too bad. But that totally depends on how picky you are and how many good OBs are available in your area.
I would say make your move then get preggo. You may not feel like house hunting and moving and settling and dr hunting once you get pregnant.
Good luck.



answers from Washington DC on

i did. once we knew we were moving, i told my initial doctor. she did most of the big stuff as we moved after my 6 month. her office was great and had my file ready for me after my last appointment. it did take what seemed like forever to see the new practice. i called after we moved and then went weeks without seeing anyone. i preferred my initial doctor. she was great (solo practice). i moved to a larger practice and had to see everyone since any doctor could have delivered our child. my only complaint was seeing every doctor and each one of them gave me differing advice. the doctor that i did not really like ended up delivering our son. during delivery, i changed my mind as she was all about me and delivering my son safely. i had a really easy pregnancy if there is such a thing.



answers from Washington DC on

I'd encourage you to consider a midwife practice in the area where you move. There are usually less practitioners in the practice. Also when I have doula clients that want to switch practices, all midwives that I work with will take moms at any time during their pregnancy. And I do mean all the way up till the time they have the baby. They are incredibly flexible, will spend more time with you at each visit getting to know more than just your belly measurement and vital signs.
If you wish to know more about how to locate a midwife in any area, please feel free to contact me.
Good luck,
L. M



answers from Norfolk on

Wait until you are already in your new home to TTC. Moving while pregnant or even with a new baby is exhausting! You can also check out Angie's List for recommendations on doctors and midwives. is also a good place to get recommendations if you are of a more inclined to natural childbirth and breastfeeding.

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