Is This a Miscarriage?

Updated on April 26, 2010
H.K. asks from Chiefland, FL
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I suddenly had a gush of blood today and have been bleeding off and on, but no clots. I am somewhere around week 9-10 and I also have had lots of abdominal pain and a sharp pain right in the middle there. This is Sunday, and I am avoiding the ER at all costs (I hate it) , so I am going to schedule my first appointment to be checked tomorrow and go asap to see what is going on. Any one else who had a miscarriage and experienced pain. This would be my third child, but I have never bled during my previous 2 pregnancies. I have had severe morning sickness this time and I thought morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy!?!
Any help would be appreciated, because I know nothing of this sort of thing

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So What Happened?

well, I stuck it out at home, because our closest hospital is 75 minutes away. About 5 a m this morning the pain became less and all though I have felt sick all day, the bleeding has stopped and I have just rested. I hate feeling this crummy. If you want to keep writing are welcome to . Thanks for all the good wishes

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answers from Boca Raton on

My sister in law had this, and went to ER. They tried to schedule her for a D&C, but as she was travelling at the time, she opted to wait until she got home to her regular doctor. Good thing she did as everything was fine! She even had called my brother and told him she lost the baby. We were all devastated, only to find out once she came home, that the baby was fine.



answers from Jacksonville on

Probably, but going to the ER won't help. I had a miscarraige a few years ago and I was only 8 weeks and there was no way to stop it.

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answers from Dallas on

I would go to the ER immediately. It could be something else besides a miscarriage, and any time there is a gush of blood that warrants a trip to the ER. I know what you mean about ER costs, but if it saves your life or the babies life then it is worth it. I'm praying for you!

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answers from Boston on

I think the only one to tell you for sure is a doctor. Bleeding and cramping/pain are the major signs of miscarriage, although it doesn't necessarily mean that is what is happening. I had spotting with my 2nd pregnancy on the 4th of July and completely didn't want to go to the ER. I debated not even telling my hubby and ignoring it. Well I decided to call my doctor who told me to go to the hospital. I went, and it was nothing. I was there for a couple hours, was late to the BBQ but still had fun, and don't regret going.

You could have something serious going on like an ectopic pregnancy which can be dangerous for your health. Don't wait, just suck it up and go to the hospital. It may be nothing, but you also may regret losing your baby when it could have been prevented, or having a major health problem.

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answers from Houston on

If you do have an imminent miscarriage, I am sorry to say that there isn't anything they can do at 9-10 weeks. If you'd prefer not to go to the ER, and you're not bleeding heavily, you are just as well waiting to see your OB -GYN tomorrow.

I've had three miscarriages and the first two were before the 10 week mark. The symptoms are very similar, but there are other reasons for bleeding during pregnancy.

My mom had something called a sub-chorionic bleed during most of her pregnancy with my brother...didn't even know she was pregnant for nearly three months.

My thoughts are with you. This can be a very hard thing to face even though it is more common than we often hear about. Take some time to grieve and gather your thoughts...and then try again.



answers from Seattle on

I am very sorry, but it sure doesn't sound good. I wish you lots of good luck that it turns out fine!
I had a bit of bleeding (some brown and some red) during my pregnancy and it turned out to be nothing. So it definitely doesn't HAVE TO be a miscarriage.

I also wanted to give you the head up on not rushing to the ER. When I was bleeding, I was assured that before the second trimester there is very little that can (or should) be medically done. Most first trimester pregnancies have genetic/developmental issues and it is not usually desirable to intervene. Sounds harsh, but it's reality - even in case of a medical intervention most of these cases do not end in a positive outcome.
If you are in severe pain or experience heavy bleeding, you should definitely see the ER, but otherwise a visit with your provider tomorrow should be fine. Personally I would request an ultrasound, rather than blood tests, to see if there is even a heartbeat/fetus.

Good luck!



answers from Miami on

It is cause for concern, but it may or may not mean miscarriage. Some people have bleeding for other reasons. I had what I thought were two periods with my third pregnancy before I found out I was actually 3 months pregnant already. Your best bet is to stay off your feet, relax, and wait for the doctor to tell you what it is. If it is a miscarriage, they will help you more then busy doctors at the ER can to cope with it.



answers from Houston on

The ER is NEVER fun, but you really should go. I wish you the best!



answers from Raleigh on

I had the same thing with my first around 9-10 weeks. I too had sever morning sickness and then one day it was all gone and that's when I had the gush of blood. We did rush to the ER (it was our first so we had no idea), waited 6 hours. They did find the heartbeat but said that I most likely miscarry. Since we had no insurance, health dept will not see you till second tri, so I went for weeks not even knowing if I was still preg. Well God had a different plan for our little guy and he was born healthy 2days after his due date:) H. all is well with your preg!!!!!!!!



answers from Hartford on

I H. everything is ok. You should go to the ER. My thoughts are with you.



answers from Tampa on

I read this today, Monday, and I know it's too late to offer you any suggestions, but I H. you'll let us know that you're OK. I hate ERs, too (and I work in a hospital), but I would be very concerned about the sharp pain. If you had an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured, it could be quite serious. Please get seen as soon as possible.


answers from Dallas on

I've never had a miscarriage but i had a difficult pregnancy. you never want to take a chance when it comes to your or your baby's health. I'm right there with you not wanting to go to the ER but this could be a sign of something major that they could prevent and tomorrow could be too late. please get to the doctor asap, it could be nothing, but only a doctor will be able to tell you.



answers from Dallas on

Hard one to answer here. I spotted during my pregnancy during the first trimester and had morning sickness too. If you start feeling sick to your stomach or the pain intensifies you should go to the ER. I would imagine you will have an ultrasound tomorrow when you meet with your doctor. Hang in there. I know it is nerve racking. Will say a prayer for you tonight!



answers from Miami on

Even if you were to go to the E.R., chances are they will tell you what they told my friend who had a similar situation that you have just described: the pregnancy is too early to do anything to stop this from happening. On the bright side, this same friend of mine carried her pregnancy to term and had a healthy baby boy! Several times during her pregnancy she experienced bleeding and was even put on bed rest at one point. She had her baby so can this be a miscarriage? It could be...but you could also have a pregnancy like my friend had.



answers from Washington DC on

I know you hate ER's, but you NEED to go. If it is not a miscarriage, it could be something else that can be taken care of to save the baby. Please don't wait until tomorrow.
Let us know what happened



answers from Phoenix on

I had two miscarriages and didn't go to the ER either time... but you may not be miscarrying. I H. not. See your OB ASAP. Good luck!



answers from New York on

Before you decide about the ER I H. you called your OB. Any doctor or practice who delivers babies has an answering service that can reach him or her or a covering doctor at all times. Your doctor will have a better idea as to weather it needs immediate attention like an ER visit. Once my midwife had me come to the hospital as she was attending another birth and was able to see me for a few minutes and determine the problem was not serious (I was 37 weeks and my daughter's head had lowered into my pelvis so the pain and pressure were not a sign of a problem, just her getting ready for delivery). Even if an ER visit is needed if you call your own Dr. they can meet you at a hospital where they have privleges--you see someone who knows you and your history and usually the wait is much less (I don't know if it effects the cost though).

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