Body Changes

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Period Changes After Pregnancy

just wondering if any of you have had changes in your period after pregnancy? I have a 5 yr old and after having him my periods did go back to normal. But I had twins last August & what a difference. My periods are now very heavy, i pass a lot of clots...i never did that before...They last longer than prior to my pregnancy.. The first 2 days are awlful. I know that pregnancies of multiples is different than just one but is this normal or should i be concerned & make an appointment with the ob/gyn ? Any feedback you have would be greatly...

Back Pain

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Severe Pregnancy Back Pain

Hi Mamas! I am 16 weeks pregnant with my second son and I have been experiencing severe back pain since very early on. It actually started out mild around 5 weeks, then moved to moderate a month ago and now it is severe. I still have a long way to go in this pregnancy! My doctor told me at my last visit to stop picking up my 18 month old son and other heavy things. I did that, plus modified my posture and how I move and bend all day long. I don't really do anything that should strain my back and I rest frequently throughout the day. ...


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Bloating and Gas

Moms, I have a dilemma. This question is for my sister and I. I for the first time this week was very bloated (over 40). My stomach was puffy all day (from under my breast all the way down to under my navel). This is an uncomfortable feeling. Generally when I walk to the rest room I can hold my stomach in and it appears to be flat, well I was so bloated that I could not do that. My younger sister made the comment "you look pregnant". I was really miserable and called my older sister (6 years older). My sister says that it gets worse as...

Pregnancy Constipation

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Pregnancy and Constipation

Hi everyone, has anyone had constipation so bad in the first trimester. i plan on talking to my doctor but, i was wondering if anyone maybe took a laxative or an enama during this early stage. my constipation is so bad and when i talked to the nurse she said add fiber to my diet. i have its just not working. i am wondering if anyone has something i could possible take as an example to the doctor or nurse to get approval to take. thank you everyone S.


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Cramping During Pregnancy

There is a good posibility that I could be pregant but I have cramping like I am going to start my period. Has anyone else cramped likes this during very early stage of pregnancy? Thank you


Cramps in Pregnancy

i am recently preg and having major cramping. I havent had a child in ten...

Pregnancy Diarrhea

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Is Diarrhea Normal in Early Pregnancy?

This is my fourth pregnancy. Never experience diarrhea before with any other of my pregnancies. But today I got it for the first time. My stomach is having a noisy battle inside. Scares me. I am 3 weeks pregnant now and wondering if this is normal in pregnancy or could be something else. I did not eat anything bad, every food i ate was clean and fresh.


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Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids

I'm 37 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and I woke up the other morning to find something I've never had before: a small lump near my anus. By the afternoon it became a bit harder and grew to the size of a grape. I had no idea what it was so called my midwife's office and explained to the receptionist. She said it sounds like hemorrhoids and to use Tuck's pads, Prep H, and to take warm baths few times daily. I've been doing that but nothing has helped. It's hard for me to walk only because it's so uncomfortable (itchy and sore). I don't see...


Help with Hemorrhoids

So I had a repeat c-section 3 weeks ago (no pushing, no straining) and I get...

Morning Sickness

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No Morning Sickness...

Not that I'm complaining, but I'm 7 weeks along and still no sign of morning sickness. I had terrible morning sickness during the 1st trimester of my 1st pregnancy, and it feels strange to feel so healthy right now. Anybody had morning sickness make its debut after 7 weeks? Or might I just be lucky enough not to get it at all?

Sciatica Pain

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Help with Sciatica During Pregnancy

Hi all~ I am 5 months pregnant with our second baby. My first pregnancy was a breeze (with a difficult labor) but this one has been challenging. I have been suffering with gallbladder problems and now have severe sciatica issues. The pain is pretty much constant, but is much worse when I am at work at my desk. Obviously, not working isn't really an option. I think the culprit is my office chair and just am curious if anyone knows of a good one that might help. Any other advice for pain relief would also be appreciated. Thanks to you all!

Spotting & Bleeding

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Spotting/light Bleeding During Pregnancy

I just wrote a post earlier about being 5 weeks pregnant and not having tender and sore breasts. A couple hours ago I experienced some spotting then turned into light bleeding. The blood is light red so far and I am afraid it might get heavier. Is this a sign of complication or miscarriage? I am going to the doc tomorrow but I can't sleep thinking what could possibly be wrong. I never spotted or bled with my first pregnancy so I am very anxious to know what is going on. I can't help but put one and one together with having no pregnancy...


I Am Bleeding..

I am out of my mind hysterical. I am bleeding... I am 8 weeks pregnant and...

Weight Gain

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Pregnancy Weight Gain Out of Control!

My first pregnancy resulted in a weight gain of 55lbs, 25 of which have stuck with me. Toward the end of the pregnancy, I felt like the weight gain was out of control. I'd eat a stick of celery and gain a pound. I accepted that as part of the pregnancy since it was toward the end when I was supposed to be gaining. I am now 6 weeks pregnant with my second child and have already gained 8 lbs. I cut back on calories or eat as normal and GAIN. I have even started walks again- 45 min at a time- and that does no good either. Does anyone...