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Updated on February 22, 2010
A.D. asks from Tuolumne, CA
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I just found out that I am about 7 weeks pregnant. With my first I had a few complications and found out I have a bicornate uterus. In october 2009 I had a misscariage at 6weeks pregnant. I am scared about this pregnancy I am currently dealing with a lot of family stress because my grandmother just passed away. I went to the doctors and they ordered a prenatal blood test and I got the results back but have been able to reach my doctor. My results show I have a high NEUT (white blood cell) count. Does anyone know what that could mean and if me and the baby are in any harm? Should I go to the hospital and check to make sure we are safe?

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So What Happened?

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful advice and support! I am happy to say that me and the baby are doing great, I am currently 4 months pregnant, and Im feeling great! Well besides going to the bathroom every minute and all that other fun stuff that comes with being pregnant. The NEUT level that I thought was high really was in a normal range for pregnant women, I guess some of our blood work we get done sometimes are a little out of wack because of the pregnancy and its completely normal, my doctor said that most likely I shouldn't have any complications, but because I have the bicornate Uterus the last few months of my pregnancy will be high risk but mainly its just to keep a closer eye on me and the baby because the baby has to lay in a certain way to grow properly and to make sure I dont go into pre-term labor. But I'm not trying to think about that too much right now I'm just trying to stay stress free and enjoy my pregnancy. Thank you all again and hope you all are doing wonderful!

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If the lab was completely abnormal, the lab would contact the doctor right away. I had an elevated white blood count with one of my pregnancies and the doctor told me it was pretty common. Hope this makes you feel a little bit better

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hello A....

i'm sorry you have experienced difficulty in pregnancy, i too didn't take to it in the least...but it seeems as if we managed to squeek through it before at least once, and i'm sure your child is an absolute delight as is mine.

congrats on the new pregnancy...and while times seem to be pretty stressful these days the added loss of a loved one no doubt adds to it. while i'm sure you know this well, and have heard it many time before, but stress, yes i'll say it again, stress should be out of your heart, mind and body right now. your health, the health of this pregnancy and ultimately the health of your fetus need you to do some bucking up...just focus on all things not stressful when you feel the stresses building, give yourself permission to hand over your stress and whatever tends to cause it to somebody else...and do so with a smile on your not let guilt creep in remember it's not you escaping responsibility, it is you being the best most responsible parent you can be...your responsibility is to maintain your health and protect the health of your unborn, period!!!

as far as the high neutrophil (primary white blood cells which respond tobacterial infection) count, you are probably fine, pregnancy is associated with what is called a left shift, or increase in these white blood cells, so chances are it's simply that, especially if you haven't been able to reach your doctor, as i would imagine your doctor would be trying to reach you were there any cause for concern. to put you even more at ease,you may be interested in some other benign reasons for a high neutrophil count...stress or any stressor such as; smoking (i doubt this applies) or heavy excercise, another culprit...nervousness, so A. your wbc would probably be of more concern considering your situation were your neutrophilia count normal, so smile and enjoy yourself.

of course you should still get a hold of that doctor of yours, but i think you can relax a little in the process and ease your worries.

good luck, and as i said before...congrats to you!!!

ali :)



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I have a bicornuate uterus and also have lost pregnancies. When I finally had a baby, she was born at 40w1d, naturally. My cousin had one too and also went full term. So don't worry, full-term, healthy babies happen for is bicornuate-uterus owners. :)

A high white cell count indicates an infection, so doesn't even have to do with your pregnancy. Your body is simply fighting an infection mild enough that you don't even have symptoms. This happens to all of us.



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It's true that if the lab hasn't contacted you (Or your DR) you porbably don't need to worry, but I would still try to get in touch with your DR, justto be sure. My son had a blodd test at 9 months and he was lacking iron and my Dr. simply forgot to call us and tell us and we found out at his 12 months appointment that he needed iron supplement. My pediatrician apologized for not calling us and luckily it was nothing very serious. But sometimes they forget to call. It won't hurt to try to reach them.



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I can't say anything about the NEUT, but I did want to reassure you about the bicornuate uterus. I also have a bicornuate uterus, miscarried twice, and gave birth to two beautiful daughters: one at 38 weeks and the other at 39 weeks.

Just thought I'd reassure you that a woman with a bicornuate uterus can carry to term! Good luck!



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Hi there... saw your post and wanted to add my experience with a high white blood cell count... with my first child I had a very high white count most of my pregnancy and all of the doctors I saw about it said it could be a number of things going on... some scary, some not so scary, we'd all just have to wait and see... BUT ~

It was a neighbor of mine, a retired chemist and lab director, who was the one to tell me that sometimes a high white blood cell count can occur because of the baby's blood type interacting with your blood type which can (for whatever reason) cause your white blood cell to go way up but not affect you or the baby one way or another. I went on to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery at age 39. My now six year old girl is thriving, healthy and happy (except for the occasional meltdown over what skirt she wants to wear with what top!).... I was so grateful that my neighbor was able to ease my mind when three doctors I was seeing about it couldn't. She had seen and processed these kind of blood tests and lab results all the time and was able to confirm that often times it is just a chemical reaction taking place that isn't dangerous.

All the best to you during this stressful time in your life ~ my advice, take deep healing breaths and count up all your blessings as you deep breath again(!)... relaxation is the best thing you can do for your baby and yourself... going to the hospital right now will only add to your stress levels. Consult as many professionals as you can about the white blood count and evaluate all the info, but don't let the emotional side of all of it cloud your thinking. Many women have miscarriages first and then go on to have many healthy pregnancies after even 2 miscarriages... it happened to a sister of mine and she had a healthy, baby girl after 2 miscarriages in a row.

Keep in touch if you can ~ I love to hear how you and your baby are doing as you get through this rough spot.

- dida



answers from New York on

Your doctor should have received the results of your blood test and should let you know what this means for your pregnancy. If this meant an immedidate emergency, the lab or your doctor's office would have let you know. You should be able to get in contact with your doctor. The hospital isnt' really a place to go and "get checked" - it's a place for emergencies.
Medical questions are really best addressed by a doctor.



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that means your body is trying to fight off some kind of infection, I would go to your GP...

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