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Question About Anti-depressant

G.H. asks from Columbus

My OB/GYN prescribed Zoloft for me for PPD about 5 months ago. I started at 25mg/day & just last week I had to increase it to 50 mg/day. Since then I've felt really...


Need Anti-depressant Again? (Edited-see What Happened)

J.H. asks from Minneapolis

The past month or two I haven't been myself. My husband says I'm not happy and I'm tired all the time. Which I agree with. I have NO energy. People at work are al...


Recomendations on Anti Depressant

K.B. asks from Birmingham

I 've gotten such great advice here in the past i thought i'd try again!i am taking wellbutrin right now,and feel it no longer helps. I don't suffer from depression,b...


Weaning off of an Anti-depressant

M.C. asks from Washington DC

Hello out there, I would like to hear from anyone who has successfully been able to wean themselves off of anti-depressants. Over the years I was prescribed with a co...


Feel like a Horse That Needs to Be Shot - Is It Time to Take an Anti-depressant?

V.S. asks from Philadelphia

Just wondering what some other Moms would advise - I feel so miserable and cranky, exhausted every single day. I am not as nice as a Mom as I would normally be if I ...


Natural Anti-depressant Recommendations

S.G. asks from San Antonio

I just took Prozac for 1 day and hated feeling "itchy" all night! Does anyone have rec'd for any natural anti-depressants/remedies?


Children on Prozac or Zoloft?

J.F. asks from Waterloo

My child has been a "difficult, strong-willed, etc" type child since he was old enough to talk. When he was two, he used to throw the wildest tantrums when his cloth...



M.L. asks from Miami

I am thinking about getting onto an antidepressant. What is your personal experience with Zoloft? How long have you been on it for? Does it really help? What is your ...



N.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I was recently prescribed Zoloft due to some emotional stress and depression I'm going through at this time. This will be my first time to ever be on an an...



A.M. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi All - I just started seeing a therapist and she suggested I try an antidepressant. I'm all for taking something in order to help me feel better but am leary. My ...