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Updated on June 05, 2011
R.B. asks from Kingwood, TX
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Hi Moms,

I went to the doc on Tuesday and had an ultrasound done that said I was 6 weeks and 1 day pregnant. The nurse called yesterday and said that all my blood work looks great. I have been so sick and throwing up my back is even sore. Well, this afternoon I went to the bathroom and notice a little blood. My docs office closes at 12 on Fridays so the on call Dr. called me back and said that if I continued to bleed to go the the ER but to stay in the bed. I have not had anymore bleeding but I am so scared. I had 2 miscarriages and then had a healthy baby girl who is 4. I just don't think I can go through this again. Is spotting ok if I just saw a heartbeat on Tuesday?

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So What Happened?

Thanks moms. Went to the doc today and baby is looking great!

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answers from Austin on

If the heartbeat and blood work look good, you are most likely in good shape. When I was 8 wks pregnant with my second, I more than spotted! I bled a good amount one night (I was certain it was the beginning of a miscarriage; following one lost pregnancy, I was a wreck). It turned out to be a pocket of blood trapped between the baby and uterine wall. I couldn't believe my luck! I didn't know such a thing could happen. I spotted with my first pregnancy too but it was brown (tmi....but necessary info for you). :) I'd say cut back on your activity level and no sex until it's long gone. Good luck to you!



answers from College Station on

Anything can happen at any time, but it s probably implantation bleeding.



answers from Houston on

I had that with all 6 of my pregnancies. With my first they told me to go to the ER, and after a big bill (no insurance) and tests they told me I was probably miscarrying, there was nothing they could do, and sent me home saying I should see my OB in two days for followup. My HCG levels were going UP and everything was fine!

Three weeks later I did miscarry, a twin. But my uterus was malformed and caused subsequent miscarriages, premature births and a stillbirth at fullterm.

Anyway, my point is that there wasn't anything they could do for me, and thankfully everything at that moment was just fine! I have four living children, despite the spotting. Now, I didn't GUSH, GUSH might have been more of a concern. :)

We have no guarantees in life, but if we enjoy every moment and count the time we have with our family and even unborn littles as precious, it's the best we can do for our physical and emotional health.

Best wishes!!



answers from Chicago on

If it's brownish, it's likely implantation bleeding. Totally normal. If it's bright red, it's a little more potentially concerning, but also can be fine. I'd be more cautious about any strong cramps. Just take it easy and make sure you're very hydrated. If the blood flow increases or you start cramping, go to the er.

I bet everything is fine, try to relax and just keep monitoring everything.


answers from San Francisco on

I had that at ~7 weeks with my first.The pregnancy went fine! Try not to worry. (I know that's hard!) Congrats on your pregnancy!



answers from Houston on

If you saw a heartbeat, that should be very reassuring. Most miscarriages occur around 6-8 weeks, and those are in cases where the embryo didn't ever get far enough along to develop the heart. I bled at 6 weeks (bright red, for several days) during my second son's pregnancy. I had had a miscarriage previous to that. I was certain I was having another miscarriage, but all went well. Don't panic. There's virtually nothing you can do to influence it one way or another. Just take care of yourself and take each day as it comes. (easier said than done, of course). I know this is a hard time.



answers from Houston on

You are probably fine, but if you are worried see your OB this week. I had very little spotting in my 8th month. I went to the hospital and was monitored for a few hours. Everything was OK but I was having contractions (that I couldn't feel) so I was sent home with instructions to take it east etc etc. Everything turned out fine.

Since you are early in your pregnancy here are some reasons for concern, but most likely you are fine. I would have your OB check you out just in case.



answers from Minneapolis on

I had that at 6-7 weeks with both my kids and they're fine (almost 2 and almost 5). I was told to keep my feet up, rest, and drink plenty of fluids. I also started taking a stool softener as pushing made the bleeding worse. I know it's so hard not to stress, but take care of yourself and know that there are lots of women who've had spotting and had fine pregnancies after that.

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