Symptons of Depression

Updated on March 19, 2012
C.C. asks from Conroe, TX
11 answers

Have you been diagnosed with depression? If you have...what kind of symptons were you loss of appetite or wanting to sleep all the time. I'd like to know?

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Loss of appetite and wanting to sleep can be tied to a variety of things. If you're worried that you *may* be depressed, see a doctor. Depression is tricky. Often you can't see how depressed you are until you aren't any more. Nasty thing.

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answers from Boston on

OH, this can vary so much, so be sure you get a long list. Yes, sleeping is one, but sleeplessness is another. Loss of appetite, or excessive appetite. Inability to complete tasks is a big one - like looking at all you have to do and being unable to prioritize or separate things into manageable units. Sometimes sorting the mail was all I could do - bills vs. junk mail vs. personal - took all day. Some people cry all the time, while others are strangely emotionless. See what I mean - the symptoms vary. If you are looking for validation, or direction, or whatever - be more specific and I'd be glad to help. I took medication for a while (2 different ones) but I've found great results nutritionally and am almost off my meds. Took a while - I did go off too fast at first, but I've found a good balance and continue to work with a cooperative and supportive doctor who sees the value of medication but not as the only way to go. Whatever you are experiencing, you are not alone.

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answers from Columbus on

My biggest symptom of depression was my fast/irrational mood swings. I was also tired all the time, but getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night, I felt like I was exhausted.

Whatever you are feeling....those are your feelings and you are entitled to them. If to you, they do not feel like your typical self, tell your doctor that. If they are worth your time, they should recognize that you know yourself best and either encourage you to speak to someone about how you're feeling or get you the best medication available to get you back to your "normal".

Best of luck!

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answers from Austin on

my biggest symptom was that I would wake up around 2 in the morning and not be able to get back to sleep....

I've had problems with it off and on... I've taken medication for it and it does help, but eventually the doctor and I decide it is time to try going without meds.

It has been several years, now since I last took medication for depression or anxiety...... often it has been "situational", like tied around a job, difficulties in the family, stuff like that.

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answers from Redding on

Depression presents differently for different people. Often, depression is also coupled with anxiety.
There is also "situational" depression that can occur after the loss of a family member, etc.

If you are having emotional or physical changes that affect your everyday life, you should talk to your doctor about it.

Just my opinion.

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answers from Green Bay on

I have depression/anxiety. My symptoms are a variety of different things, but mainly the usual/stereotypical ones people think of...feeling "down" quite often, not interested in being with friends/family, not interested in things I used to enjoy, wanting to sleep during the day, but then not being able to fall asleep/stay asleep at night. I worry quite OFTEN...about things that shouldn't need to be worried about. When it gets bad, I usually feel pretty lethargic...sit on the couch and not getting much done around the house. Not able to focus on anything long enough to get it crossed off my list :-)

I have had a lot of experiences with my depression - been on meds (a few different things), been to counseling, etc. If you would like to talk more, hear more of my experiences, you are certainly welcome to send me a private message :-)

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answers from Lansing on

When I am "off" my meds due to mail order taking too long, I immediately notice that I am very emotional and clingy. I really need my husband around. I start to second guess my sanity and get very anxious. I also want to sleep alot, and don't feel very motivated to do anything. It's the worst feeling ever. I am definitely not me, and I would rather check out!


answers from Austin on

Only self diagnosed. I get depressed because I am now 'old' and all of my friends have given into the age thing by being couch potatoes. I am bored with life and feel as if I have no fun, options, etc. My parents are both deceased and there seems to be little to no fun in life except mamapedia. Oh yes, therefore I overeat chocalate!



answers from Washington DC on

If you even suspect you have depression (or someone else does), don't wait for answers here; please get to a doctor (or get that someone else to a doctor) today. Just by asking this question it seems you already know something is wrong somewhere. Each person's symptoms will be unique and individual, though, yes, loss of appetite, wanting to sleep etc. are all symptoms. But so are overeating and insomnia, for some people. Get to a doctor and take good care of yourself. There are so many good options for treatment and therapy these days that there is no reason to wait!



answers from Provo on

I hated the foggy brain symptom because I couldn't get anything accomplished. Symptoms vary for each person and not all depressions are the same for each person. For instance I felt differently with postpartum depression than I did with major depression. Low thyroid can also contribute to wanting to sleep all the time. If you have a loss of appetite or want to sleep more than normal for more than a week, see a doctor.


answers from Chicago on

I was tired all the time yet seemed unable to fall asleep at night. I would get emotional over nearly nothing. Other times I'd be like a brick wall - not wanting to talk, not interested in anything. Had to nearly pry myself out of bed in the morning. I felt a lot of anxiety.

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