Did I Have a Miscarriage?? - Silver Spring,MD

Updated on July 13, 2010
N.H. asks from Silver Spring, MD
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Where to begin??....Ok so my HCG levels have been acting like a yo-yo... I first went to the emergency room on 6/30 because I was spotting and had a positive pregnancy test with HCG levels of 1477... I went back to the emergency room on 7/2... I was still bleeding and my HCG levels were 793... so they told me I was having a miscarriage and to contact my ob/gyn... so I did that and went to the doctor last Friday... my ob sent me to have a blood test and I was still bleeding... I had the blood test for my HCGs and went back to his office today...the HCG levels were 1098... so now he told me to have another blood test... what is going on... I am no longer bleeding and When I did bleed I had a little bit of cramping for like 2 of the days... I am going out of my mind... Did I have a miscarriage or not?? This is so confusing and stressful... What should I do??

To add.... I did have a sonogram both times...a regular one and transvaginal...they see a fetal pole and rump sac and no bleeding in the uterus everything seems normal except they can't detect a heartbeat...the tech said it could be too soon and they also stated on 6/30 the fetus was about 5 weeks 1 day...

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answers from Seattle on

If you can - and I know it's easier said than done - try to relax for the next two or three weeks and take it easy. No more blood tests to freak yourself out. Just rest and take care of yourself.
Then go in for an ultrasound. If you are still pregnant they should be able to see a heartbeat at that point.
Good luck!

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answers from Johnstown on

That's a tough one to answer...What's going through my unprofessional mind right now is: You could 1) have had a miscarriage and have since conceived again (happened to a friend of mine) 2) had what's known as 'implantation' bleeding the first time around or 3) conceived fraternal twins and miscarried one and not the other. I'd request an ultrasound to see exactly what's going on.

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answers from Honolulu on

Okay no where in your post, did I see that the Doctor did a sonogram or ultrasound on you????
They should have done this, either way.
I had a miscarriage once... and this is what my Doctor did.
They need to see inside and check for the heart-beat/baby etc.



answers from Denver on

Unfortunately it's the wait and see game until you can have the confirming ultrasound at about 8 weeks. Not sure how far along you are. Hang in there!



answers from San Francisco on

It's very important not to stress out. VERY important. Focus on the possibility that you are still pregnant, and create an enviri\onment condusive to pregnancy. In other words, make your womb warm and relaxed. You can warm your body by simple meditation, foods you eat, and blood flow excersizes. go to the library and get a copy of "Fertility Wisdom" and it it are meditations, a list of warming foods, and fertility excersizes. Dont drink any coffee, dont eat any refined sugar, or any mucus causing foods (like cheese). Unfortunately, if you are already having a miscarriage, there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. If your body hasn't decided yet, you might be able to...

I had a miscarriage three weeks ago. No fun at all and I sypathise. Mine had severe cramping, and hemoraghe quantity bleeding. three days of the heaviest imaginable bleeding, and cramps that litterally floored me. My doc did an emergency ultrasound Fri and told me the baby had died 4 weeks prior, then the next day I sarted the actual miscarriage. Aweful. I am going to heal, and try again. I'm going to acupuncture to help with the healing part.

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