Pregnancy and Bleeding

Updated on January 13, 2012
B.R. asks from Bedminster, NJ
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This is kind of gross. Sorry in advance. Ok, so I'm 7 weeks, 3 days pregnant. With my first two pregnancies I didn't have any problems. #3 and 4 I miscarried (without any symptoms). I delivered a beautiful baby girl with pregnancy #5. We are expecting again and I was spotting a few days ago. I had a dr appointment and ultrasound already scheduled the next day so I didn't worry about it. Whatever happened was going to happen. I had the ultrasound, there was a strong baby heartbeat. The next day I started bleeding lightly (having to change the pad 3 times during the day). The doctor had me come in for another ultrasound just to be sure. Again, strong heartbeat. That was this morning. They said they didn't know why I was bleeding but the baby looked good. Now I'm cramping and having heavy bleeding with large clots. I called the doctor's office again and am waiting for the on-call dr to call me back. What could this be from? I don't really want to have another ultrasound or anything but I don't want to have the cramping or bleeding either, especially with such large clots. If I cough I have to immediately go to the bathroom and change the pad. It's disgusting but just a few hours ago the baby's heartbeat was strong. What do you think?

Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

The dr had me come to the er. We did lose the baby. I'm being admitted overnight due to excessive bleeding. Very sad and hard night. The only consolation we have is we've got 4 beautiful children at home. The really tough part is going to be telling the other kids we've lost the baby. They were very excited.

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Is there a possibility that you were carrying twins and didn't know it and are miscarrying a twin? I had some spotting and cramping and found out later that on ultrasound they found an empty sac that was a twin that didn't make it, just didn't tell me about it. My other baby did just fine.

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I'm sorry you're going through this, how stressful. It's really hard to enjoy a pregnancy when this happens. The bleeding and clots could be from a subchorionic hemmorhage, which doctors can't always explain the reasons for (technically, it's blood that gathers between the placenta and uterus). The baby's heartbeat on ultrasound is a great sign. This could also be a miscarriage, which I truly hope is not the case, but miscarriages, like pregnancies, can be different, so the ones you had with no symptoms might not be the way this is, if it is in fact a miscarriage. Sometimes women bleed during pregnancy, clots and all, and things are perfectly fine, so hold on till you get a call back and get checked out. I have a friend who had similar bleeding after another pregnancy resulted in miscarriage, and she was very scared, but ended up with a healthy baby who is now 5! Hang in there... hugs!

ETA - So sorry for your loss. I know how thankful you are for your kids but they don't erase the loss of this one... I have been there. Take the time you need to grieve.

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I had something similar and it was a cyst that was aggravated and bled... and was clumpy and all of that! I really thought I had or was miscarrying, but I didn't... the cyst was removed because it wouldn't stop bleeding and everything turned out just fine. I hope everything is okay....

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It does not make sense to go the ER when one has a doctor that knows her history and who will be calling her back. It's an added expense both financially and emotionally. If it's a miscarriage there is nothing that can be done. I've been there with my daughter. It's highly unlikely to be related to anything other than the pregnancy. And I have heard that sometimes women do continue to bleed while pregnant.

I'd hold on to the fact that the baby's heartbeat was strong and pray that this is not a miscarriage. What did the doctor tell you about reasons for bleeding?

If you didn't tell the receptionist what the problem was, then I'd call back, tell her what is happening and ask for a more immediate call back. If he doesn't know this is urgent he may wait until the end of the day.

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I am so sorry for your loss. ****Big, big hugs****

With my second and fourth, I had placental lakes (pools of maternal blood within the placenta) that would hemmorage with no notice. The first time, I was 24 weeks and thought that he was coming, like it or not! I rushed to the ER and baby was fine on u/s. They only observed me for three hours before letting me go, even though I was still bleeding crazy.

I think that no matter what, heavy bleeding needs to be rechecked, no matter how long it's been since you heard the heart beat. Going from one pad every eight hours to gushing every time you sneeze is alarming. If you have started cramping and heavily bleeding, I wouod go to the ER for nothing else but peace of mind.

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Go to the hospital NOW! I wouldn't wait to hear back from the on call Dr, just go straight in...

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You just have to see-I will say a special prayer for you-xo!

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go to the hospital could be a hemorage

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Go to the hospital.

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I had the same thing with this pregnancy (now 24 weeks). I was pregnant with twins is what the doctor had concluded and one was lost...sometimes this is reabsorbed but sometimes you bleed.

I googled and googled this with mixed results as you've likely already discovered. I was so anxious and frustrated. I bled quite a bit the first trimester especially if I did anything to exert myself.

Every scan, the baby was growing and the bleed diminished.

I'd see if they can see the area of the bleed on the scan. That was comforting to me as they were able to determine that it was far away from the baby and not risking it.

I don't know what to say except that there's hope that everything is ok.

My heart goes out to you. This is a very difficult time.

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i think you should go to the hospital asap ! when you bleed there has to be something wrong ...maybe it has to be with something other than ur baby ..



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I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you and your family.


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:::::::::::::::big hug:::::::::::::::::



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I'm so sorry.

All the best,



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I'm so sorry to hear the sad news. Hugs....

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