Advice for Bedrest?

Updated on June 12, 2007
T.P. asks from Chicago, IL
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Does anyone have any good tips for dealing with a (hopefully) long stretch of bedrest? I was in the hospital for a while and am now home and need to make things a little easier on myself and keep busy.

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone and your wonderful advice! I have been lucky enough to have a steady stream of visitors this week and have not had a chance to enjoy any actual 'rest' yet!! It is so great to have so many great people in my life. I can't wait to start reading, watching movies and working on my wedding album(started but never finished!). Thanks again!

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T. -

I was put on bed rest at 30 weeks due to a DVT in my left leg and I took advantage of the time to nap and relax and I read LOTS of books on parenting and also a book called Hypnobirthing the Mongen Method. So I practiced a lot of the relaxation techniques and visualization exercises which later made the labor go very smoothly. I just absorbed all that I could and took naps without guilt and talked with my baby all the time!!! It went by really quickly - so try to just enjoy the quiet time!!!
If you want any book recommendations, feel free to e-mail me!

S. :)

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Hi T.,

You have a great attitude! I was on "limited activity" with both my pregnancies and I found it was a great time to get "virtually" organized. Have you got a laptop? It is a good time to clean up your e-mail and favorites folders, research baby gear (try for reviews of all sorts of things like carseats and strollers), and make a list of "Important Stuff" to share with your family in case of emergency. I created a list like that and included my attorney's and accountant's names, my banking and insurance info, the location of important papers, etc. Also, write letters! Not e-mails. REAL letters, to people you care about. The old-fashioned kind. The kind that matter. Write a letter to your new baby. Write one to your husband. (Can you tell I like to write?) Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Good luck.

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I went on bedrest at 23 weeks. Take it to heart. I did too much and shouldn't have and maybe my twinkies would have stayed in a little longer. There are some days that it can be really rough... but hang in there. Definitely enjoy your solo time. And try not to watch too many Baby Story on TLC. :) Catch up on some "fun" books. Scrapbook maybe? If you have a laptop, surf the web from your bed and maybe start a blog?. Get a subscription to netflix. Congrats. :)

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I've thought about if I were in that situation. I'm sure that's got to be very hard, but you're baby will be worth it.

What about movies-I like Netflix a lot, surfing the web with Wi-Fi, reading, writing? Knitting? Get lots of rest while you can! What about writing to your baby? Keeping a journal of all your childhood memories?

Good luck!




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I had a friend on bedrest who taught herself how to knit, she was able to make a blanket for her baby, and a few more for gifts.
Other than that, the old standbys of books, movies, and internet can help pass the time.
Have you looked into services like Peapod for grocery shopping? That might be helpful.
Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy.



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what are the "things" you always wanted to try and never had time? what are the books/ movies unseen? letters written? what would you like to learn?

plan your days so they are full. it will make it much easier.

if you need errands run or shopping there is a woman who's business is "amy on call" she is a personal concierge and errand service... ###-###-####

Pres. Lactation Support Group, Inc.



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I would avoid reading any "mothering" books, as you will find so many contradictions (unless you just read one book). If you like to cook, you can plan weekly menus complete with shopping lists - again, only if you like cooking, and you have access to cooking magazines/books/internet.

Jewelry making is fairly easy - you can design yourself one of those mommy bracelets (assuming you know the name of your future child).



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I too was on bedrest at different points during my pregnancy. We were remodeling our house, so I was completely confined to my bed, as the house was being gutted. I knitted, read books, and watched horrible talk shows, and napped. I ended up with severe pre eclampsia and was induced at 33 weeks. I had a wonderful 3 lb 1 oz baby. He is 2 today and is doing great. Hopefully you can go full term but if not, there is hope, and your baby will do great. Talk to your friends on the phone too, as you will have little time to do that once the baby arrives.



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I am sorry that things are not going as smoothly as u probably wanted them to go and my best wishes that things work out for the best in the end. Hopefully everything will be just fine. Often doctors just do bedrest as a precautionary way of making sure things are as easygoing for your body as possible. Sometimes it really doesn't make a difference and its not totally necessary. Either way, it just work out well. In regard to bed rest, the one thought I can share with you that may ease your feelings of feeling sorry for yourself or annoyed (if you do at any point) Hopefully you won't, is to realize how easy bed rest is when you are expecting your first. You have no one to worry about but yourself. I have so many friends who have older children and are expecting another child (third, fourth...) and their life is a living hell because bedrest is so hard when you have to arrange things for all the kids, take care of yourself, get carpools for everyone, and much much much more. It is horrible. So, hang in there and thank G-d you have a lot to be thankful for since its only your first. G-d bless you and your future bundle of joy. Have an easy smooth pregnancy, labor and delivery. Good luck!!!:)

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