Pregnancy Complications: Myself

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Pregnancy Complications

H.H. asks from Scranton

I am 16 weeks pregnant with our third child. I was considered high risk at my first prenatal but my first appointment with the high risk obs isn't until monday. My pr...


Pregnancy Complications

C.G. asks from Austin

Hi moms, I wrote in not too long ago about being pregnant in my 40's and very excited about our upcoming bundle of joy; I hope this is not tacky that I'm posting abou...


Pregnancy Complications and Wants to Have Another Baby

S.H. asks from Denver

I had very serious complications after my 3rd pregnancy. I had a 6 hour c-section and went into DIC and then had blood clots in my lungs. This is the first child fo...


Preventing Complications During Second Pregnancy

L.R. asks from Boston

Hi Ladies: I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions about preventing complications during pregnancy. We just found out that I'm about 1 month pregnant with our sec...


Worried About Second Pregnancy, Due to Complications with the First One...

L.M. asks from Tulsa

I am a mommy of a PRECIOUS 13 month old daughter! When I was pregnant with her, I developed preeclampsia and it resulted in her being born @ 32 weeks. She was only ...


Complications After Tubes Tied

D.W. asks from Los Angeles

It's been 6 months after I got my tubes tied and it feels like it was a month after I had it done. Almost like 2 weeks after... I had a simple surgery in the belly ...


Is It Possible to Be Pregnant with No Complications the Third Time?

S.J. asks from Los Angeles

How many of you out there had a really difficult pregnancy and were afraid for the next one? Did you have serious complications with your first but then zero to almos...


Pregnant and Complications...

A.D. asks from Modesto

I just found out that I am about 7 weeks pregnant. With my first I had a few complications and found out I have a bicornate uterus. In october 2009 I had a misscariag...


Complications and Miscarriages

L.S. asks from St. Louis

Newly pregnant I have found out that I have low progesterone levels. I understand this helps the baby's development, had lost one last year because of development. ...


Preganancy Complications

M.R. asks from New York

Hi my name is M.. I am 28years old and this is my first pregnancy and my first time on mamasource. At 32 weeks I was put on bed rest due to early labor. I have been t...