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Affordable Baby Shower Favors/theme

K.R. asks from Chicago

I am throwing my sil a baby shower. I was wondering if anyone had ideas for favors that are affordable. Either to by or make. also the sex of baby is not known. Thank...


Best Deal for Baby Food?

J.T. asks from Washington DC

My baby is about to start eating solids and I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion for the the best place to buy baby food. I have done great with formula coupons...


What Is the Best Grocery Store for the Price, Quality & Variety?

K.O. asks from Dallas

Since being here in TX, I've only gone grocery shopping in either Walmart or Kroger for all my purchases including my baby food, etc. I need to hear some advice/sugg...


Seeking Baby Announcements

E.J. asks from Minneapolis

I'm expecting my first child in about 2 1/2 weeks. I'm looking for unique but not too expensive baby announcements. I would love your feedback! Thanks!


How Much Do You Spend Each Month on Groceries?

M.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have been trying to find ways to cut our monthly budget in order to save money. I spend, on average, about $350 a month on groceries. Is this alot? A little? Could ...


Need a Good Bakery to Decorate a Birthday Cake - Help!

D.B. asks from Dallas

My son is turning 8 and wants a Shamu (the killer whale at Sea World) birthday cake for his party. I found some coordinating party supplies on Birthday Express onlin...


Baby Shower Cake

N.O. asks from Dallas

I'm trying to find a really nice delicious & inexpensive bakery to make a cake for my baby shower. I'm expecting about 70 people, adults and kids. I want something cl...


Bumpy Rash All over My Baby

G.B. asks from Tyler

My 11 month old baby has developed a bumpy rash all over her body. It is not red, and there are no symptoms associated with it. Her skin feels like sandpaper, and i...


Baby Einstien Cake

C.B. asks from Chicago

My son will be turning one in Jan. and he loves the turtle w/scuba gear on the baby einstien video and I would love to have a cake made like this character. Someone ...


Help with Baby Eczema???

C.B. asks from Dallas

My almost 3 month old has developed a rash just on her legs and arms. I am thinking it is baby excema. What kind of creams are good for getting rid of this?