Affordable Baby Shower Favors/theme

Updated on January 13, 2009
K.R. asks from South Elgin, IL
5 answers

I am throwing my sil a baby shower. I was wondering if anyone had ideas for favors that are affordable. Either to by or make. also the sex of baby is not known. Thank you all

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answers from Chicago on has some cute favors.



answers from Chicago on

My baby shower is next month and we are giving cds that have songs with the word "baby" in the title. You can give a candy bar, a cookie and a cookie cutter that says "a star will be born" and make it a star shape, a cinnamon bun wrapped in paper that says "bun in the oven". We gave a cute silver picture frame at my sisters that we bought at the dollar tree. Inside in pink paper (she knew she was having a girl), we put a poem from the baby. Google it and I'm sure you can find it. Everyone seemed to like it because they could reuse the frame. I also just went to one where they gave a small little candle, but it was wrapped it light pink tissue paper. The person next to me had hers wrapped in dark pink tissue paper. It looked really cute on the tables when we had walked in.

Personally, I've never been a fan of themed showers. I think if you pick a color scheme, that is theme enough. I'm having a boy, so I'm going with brown and green and blue. You could do brown, pink and blue or green and yellow.

Good luck and have a great time.



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A great website is . For my friend's shower (2nd girl) I found pink snack cups at Deal's 6 for a $1 and decorated them with "girly" stickers and put candy bracelets and rings and pink wrapped chocolate hearts in them. They had the snack cups in other colors. Good luck!



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You can buy candy bar wrappers from any Party supply store and personalize them yourself on your computer. The candy bar wrappers fit around rectangular candy bars like "Hershey's" and "Mr. Goodbar". Depending on how many people you are expecting, you might even be able to buy a large case of candy bars from Sam's Club...



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One of my clients had a baby shower where each attendee was given a plain, white onesie to decorate with non-toxic fabric paints, etc. She hung all of them up in the nursery before her baby was born - they're just adorable & it sounds like a fun activity for people to do at the shower, too.

Good luck!

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