What Do You Really Need for an Infant?

Updated on January 18, 2011
L.L. asks from Granby, CT
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So it's been 8 years since I last had a baby to care for. I am expecting again and am at a loss for what I really need and trying to prioritize. I have looked at many registries and think they include a lot of frivolous items (wipe warmers ect) So if you could go back in time and know then what you know now, what are your must have items. When I say I have nothing I mean not one baby item at all. I know I'll need a crib, clothes, ect. I also plan on breastfeeding, so I will need a pump for when I return to work and there are so many to chose from. I am going to give it a go at cloth diapering so I will need some of those. So if there were any items that were a savior to you please chime in. Thanks so Much!!!!!!!!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I don't know if this is very commonly known.
It's been a long time since my babies were little.
However, one thing I absolutely adored were diaper liners.
I used cloth diapers and I used flushable diaper liners
which made diaper-washing much simpler.
Wishing you a comfortable pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby.

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answers from Chicago on

Here is what I needed:
Crib, Dresser with a changing Pad, Crib set with the sheet/blanket/bumper/diaper organizer. I hung the blanket on the wall for a nice decoration since we did not use it.
Bottles, Storage for breastmilk, pump, hands free pumping bra (2 or 3), swaddle blankets, bottle drying racks are GREAT and the cleaner things but not required. This is all I can think of for now but you have gotten pleanty of good info.

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answers from Barnstable on

Boobs and love ;)

Craigslist hand-me-down clothes, cloth diapers, blankets, cribs, etc.

Oh - and a Moby wrap and BabyHawk for baby carriers.

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answers from Dallas on

Our swing and bouncy seat saved our sanity on more than one occasion. Also, plenty of onesies. My baby lived in those when we were home.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Car seat
cloth diapers

My babies were virtually free their first year. LOL

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answers from Fort Wayne on

All you really need are some clothes, diapers and wipes to get you started :) I was never one to rush out and buy all the baby gear like bouncy seats, swings, etc. We slowly acquired all that stuff since I had friends that were getting rid of it, but we never really used it.
My biggest things were my prefolds and covers (I love cloth diapers, so message me if you have questions) and my Moby wrap. My Moby went with me everywhere for the first 6 months of my daughter's life.
I love my Medela Pump In Style too (I have the old version). It's a great pump and definitely worth the money. You might be able to find a used one on CraigsList. You just buy all new tubing, horns; valves and stuff.
The other thing I really used a lot was my Boppy. It made nursing so much more comfortable and we used it for lots of other things too. I liked the Bare Naked Boppy with removable covers. That was when it got spit up on, I could just throw the cover in the wash instead of the whole thing.
Congrats on your baby :)

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answers from San Francisco on

If you are breastfeeding I would highly recommend splurging on the Medela breast pump. If I could go back I would have spent more money on that for a top of the line pump. I also recommend splurging on a travel system that is lightweight. The stroller and carrier we have is pretty heavy and hard to carry around, especially since my son ended up being super heavy as well! Congrats and good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

A swing!!! It was a lifesaver for our twins. We could eat dinner hands-free while they would happily swing away. Also, if they woke up early (like 5:00 am), we would put them in the swings. They would fall back asleep for at least an hour, and that meant mom and dad could sleep longer, too.

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answers from Norfolk on

I used the changing table a lot. Our living space was all on one level and it worked great for us. Car seat, diaper bag, crib, baby sling (I used it till my son was almost 2 yrs old) and we got so much mileage out of our rocking chair.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You need a lot less than the stores would like you to believe!
If you'll be pumping, I guess you'll need bottles--again...the old fashined Gerber bottles worked best for us.
Blankets, a crib (later) a bassinet or a pack & play for newborn time.
A baby care kit--nail clippers, thermometer, nose syringe bulb, etc
I liked the little sponge for use in the bottom of the reg tub over any of the baby Bathtubs out there--and I think I tried them all! LOL Soft towels/baby washcloths. also come to mind. Also we used our little bouncy chair a LOT.

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answers from Laredo on

We have a four month old right now and what I am always using is, the bassinette and now she is starting to nap in her crib (but we just started that within the last week) Of course the carseat and stroller. I bought the Puj Tub for this baby and I love it!! Wish they had it four years ago. She loves her floor bouncer and her swing, the swing was a godsend for the first three months she took almost every nap in it. I also pump and have the madela pump, never had any problems with it. Diaper bag. We have a changing table/dresser and I can say that I have never changed her on the changing table. So I probably could have just have bought a dresser instead of the combo. We have a monitor but I can hear her in her room so we got one that is the camera with optional sound. Bought it online and it was $35 I dont use the sound portion unless I am going to shower while she is napping. And last but certainly not least my Boppy Pillow!! Didnt have one with my first and dont know how I got through a year of breast feeding without one.
Congratulations : )

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answers from Rochester on

Baby sling was a lifesaver for me with my second so my arms were free for other kids, shopping, etc. Bouncy seat was the only way I could take showers, workout, etc. Swing was great and I didn't originally think I would want one, but now need to get another one for my third (we also gave everything away). Carseats (obviously), bottles if you're pumping, freezer bags and storage (I love Lansinoh bags and The First Years freezer storage container) for milk, some thick cloth diapers for spit cloths, basic baby clothes (figure a few outfits/day for bad days, then guess how often you're likely to do laundry--about that many possibly outfits/sleepers/bodysuits per size), bottles and nipples for while you're at work (you might wait and see what kind of bottle he or she prefers--some babies are really picky). I never had a play mat/gym but had an older Fisher Price play arch that had some hanging toys that I picked up at a garage sale--it was nice, but not necessary. An exersaucer is pretty helpful when they want to be upright and you want them to stay in the same place, and they also get some nice play time in. (I lucked out with a $3 one at a garage sale, too--I probably wouldn't bother if I were paying full price for one.) A booster or clip-on high chair for the table for when they are bigger, otherwise the bouncer works fine for first feedings, or your lap. Either a small diaper bag or invest in a larger purse so you only have one bag with some diapers and essentials in it. That's all that comes to mind right now. I needed nursing pads for at least 8-10 months after both of my boys so expect to need them almost as long with this one. I never used a Boppy for nursing but used it when my kids were starting to sit up or for time on the floor to play, but a rolled blanket works just as well. I also used a pack-n-play with my second since I had a toddler terrorizing him and it was his only "safe" place at that point. I used it for the bassinet top until he was too big to sleep on it, too. If you have older kids and think you'll be outside a lot you can also buy a mesh netting to go over it so the baby can be outside in the play yard but not eaten by bugs. I also really like my Jeep umbrella stroller--it stays in our car and is always handy for trips, the store, walks, etc. I hate travel systems (a lot of bulk, cost, and a pain when you can just carry the baby in a sling or use a pop-up or umbrella stroller anyway). Babies usually end up with a few favorite things to chew on (not always what you buy for them to chew on) so don't go nuts with teething toys or other tactile things since you'll be moving on to "older" toys before you know it. Both of my boys also used pacifiers, and I preferred Nuk, so we had them color-coded (green upstairs, blue downstairs, other for in the car) so we always knew they were in the right place rather than finding they had all migrated downstairs or something. Don't bother with a diaper pail. They are either too complicated or they still stink so it makes as much sense to tie up smelly diapers in a grocery bag and toss them in something you empty every day. I laughed at wipe warmers, too. Can't imagine. Thermal knit blankets were awesome for swaddling since my kids slept better that way.

Things I had that were useless or I would not bother trying to get include a changing table (unless you have back problems or any other reason you can't get on the floor). I had a walker for my first floor, but the exersaucer served the same purpose. Don't get more than one upright item, if any (saucer, walker, jumperoo, etc.) since they just take up more space. I did not use a monitor with my first two since our apartment is so small, but got one for my third so we can play outside with the older boys and hear the baby if he wakes up. The bunting that goes over the carseat/carrier is nice but a few strategic fleece blankets do the same thing and you'll already have those. Baby hand-covers or mitts that are supposed to keep them from scratching their faces are pretty useless. If you're worried, buy sleep gowns or sleepers with foldover wrists. I have a crib bedding set someone gave me, but half the time my kids had the quilts from grandma or some other random blankets, so if you don't care, nursery bedding was for me overrated as well. My kids' room is such a hodge-podge of stuff people have given them that a theme would be impossible anyway.

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answers from Sacramento on

Check with your hospital about renting a pump. The hospital grade pumps really are better. If you buy a good pump for $300 you could have rented the hospital one for the whole time you would have used it and had a better, less frustrating experience.

If I had it to do over again I'd get:

A pack-n-play
a bouncer seat
one of those things they lay under and bat at
one piece, footed outfits
a wrap or sling

Beyond that, I'd wait and see what feels like it's actually missing.

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answers from San Francisco on

In retrospect, I realize you do need very little. And 2nd hand is awesome. I got a lot of hand me downs or buys off of craigslist, so give that a go if you are on a budget. Here are some of my must have's:

- car seat. You can get an infant seat (handy for in/out of cars w/o waking the baby) or a convertible that goes from newborn to toddler so you're not buying a new car seat every year. Get new unless you know the source.
- stroller. In retrospect, I'd get the kind of stroller you'd use most and get one. In my case, it would be a BOB stroller with an attachment for infant seat or another sporty stroller with infant attachment. Your lifestyle might dictate another more appropriate stroller.
- diapers, diaper cream/vaseline, wipes
- changing pad (I never used my changing table, I used a pad and put it on top of my bed)
- crib
- receiving blankets (to swaddle)
- clothes (not much for infants; onesies/PJs a lot)
- monitor if you have a 2 story house or big house (I used a basic sound one, no fancy video was needed for me)
- bouncy seat (this helped contain baby while I showered or did house stuff)
- Baby Bjorn or other type of backpack/wrap carrier when you were doing stuff around the house or errands
- bottles and cleaning brush (get the kind w/ least number of parts because cleaning and assembling is a pain)
- pump, storage bags, and AC adapter/battery pack
- plastic bib so you need 1-2 and wash it at 6 mo
- baby spoons at 6 mo
- tylenol
- thermometer
- baby tub

I'm sure there are other things you'll need, but you might wait until the baby is born and determine your needs based on the baby and your lifestyle. I tend to be a minimalist and realize that before you blink an eye, all that baby stuff becomes obsolete. :-)

Good luck to you!

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answers from New York on

I really liked my diaper bag it was divided into two sections and one half was insulated for bottles, etc. I kept using it long after he was in diapers and put the change of clothes on one side and juice box snacks on the other side.
at the dollar store I bought lots of baby wash clothes and baby hair brushes(hubby kept misplacing them so I bought several) I think good socks.are important
when making registry requests try to think ahead more than 6 months time really flies and infants turn into babies into toddlers before you have time to think what does a toddler need?
I see no reason to buy everything else new (cribs, bouncy seats, swings, and baby clothes are things children grow out of SO quickly they can be like new. I always wished I had a video monitor but they were $$$

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answers from Denver on

Let's see--
The small baby washcloths, because the thick ones are too thick to wash behind little ears and between little toes.
I love, love my ergo carrier--it's like a baby bjorn but so much better. You can also carry the child for years in it because you can front carry, side carry, or put them on your back.
I think you have enough other advice below, so I won't repeat.

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answers from Cleveland on

I NEVER used a changing table. Or wipe warmer.
Lots of onsies, sleepers, theres really no need for alot of outfits for a baby for quite awhile! Lots of bibs. My last 2 didnt use a swing at all, total waste of money for me lol. And the last one used a bouncy a little.
A pack in play I have used TONS. A travel system is great! A diaper bag with alot of compartments that are easily accessed. A high chair for sure. I have the space saver and its great because once they're past used using the tray its great as a booster seat, and they are relatively cheap.
Even though you will be B.Feeding, you'll need bottles, just in case and for when you go back to work.
Congrats on your new baby!

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answers from Boston on

I think a changing table was a waste for me, except that it was on top of a great dresser we used long past the diaper stage. I never felt like carrying my baby upstairs to his room to change him, so I used a little pad on the floor and made quick work of it. The diapers were then easy to put out in the trash. (We also have a first floor laundry room, so that would be good for cloth diapering.)

I think one of the greatest inventions of all time is the infant carrier with the variable grip that snaps into everything - car seat base, shopping cart, stroller.

I also like the fabric liners for the shopping cart for when the little one is sitting up - keeps their fingers away from the metal, they can't put their mouths on the handle, and so on.

I liked a simple bath ring that fit in the kitchen sink (3 legs with suction cups). I put something over the drain, usually a little rubber cover or a small mat or even a washcloth. Much easier on my back and used a lot less water than the big bathtub, and all the plastic measuring spoons and cups were right there as bath toys. And the spray nozzle for rinsing off was much easier than the big shower head.

A diaper bag with multiple compartments and a folding changing pad was great for every type of outing and visit.

Plastic links (we used Boomering Links from Discovery toys but there are many others) - they keep toys in the stroller and carseat, kept things from being tossed around and lost, could be used to hang a water bottle on a diaper bag or backpack, could be used to hang my pocketbook at the back of the shopping cart (outside, below my son's feet and between my body and the cart). Once you have a kid in the cart, there goes your pocketbook holder! And once the seatbelt is used for the kid, it can't be used to secure your purse anyway! I also use them to hold my reusable grocery bags open in the cart - we use those scanners to charge up our groceries before we get to the register, so stuff goes right in the bags as I walk the aisles. Those links are great! I just keep them on the bag handles all the time and then they are ready to clip to the sides of the cart. Best investment I ever made in a toy!

Go easy on clothes - you'll be astounded at how many people give you those, especially for the first 9 months. You can get a lot through hand-me-downs too, or at resale consignment shops. I found I rarely used the fancy outfits people gave me.

When my child was walking, I found that footed pajamas were often too long for him, and he was always tripping. I used sweat bands (regular athletic supply) around his ankles to keep the footed part in place, and the extra fabric in the legs just sort of billowed out. I could buy a larger size, and they looked a little like harem pants until he grew into them, but it made it much easier to get his legs into the pjs and things weren't so tight.

Enjoy your new adventure!

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answers from Boston on

too bad you don't live closer - I am looking to get rid of all my baby things!
I am 5'6, and couldn't have managed without our changing table - I still change him there, and he is 19 months old.

Sling or baby bjorn or ergo carrier is essential - you can wear the baby so he is content while you deal with the older children.

I used a boppy or my breast friend for the 1st 9 or 10 months of nursing.

stroller / car seat - I have the snap and go, and it was great at first - so lightweight!

both my babies had reflux and spit up a TON - so LOTS of baby sleepers were essential! There were days when the baby would go thru 6 outfits by noon! Even tho they were both born in May, when dd was little, it was hot and she lived in the little onesies; it was cold when he was born and he lived in the blanket sleepers.

couldn't have managed without the swing for her; he never liked it.
The exersaucer was great from months 4-9 or so...

See if there is a good consignment shop near you, or check out your local MOMS club - might be some members looking to sell their old stuff.
Seriously, if you want to make a trip, I could sell you BUNCHES of stuff cheap!

(p.s. - I LOVED the baby bathtub! I used the sink at first, but there came a time when they just splashed too much, and the big tub was just too big for them. I guess it's all individual preference!)

Congrats to you on your new baby!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Besides clothes/diapers/wipes my must haves were:
*Bouncey seat
*Medical/grooming kit
*Tons of bibs
Things that I probably could have done without but loved were:
*Bumbo (when the child can support their neck)
*Play gym (the mat on the floor)
*Fish aquarium (I think its fisher price, not sure though) for her crib
Things I could have totally done without:
*Bottle warmer (never used it, waste of money)
*Big bath tub (it was just too bulky, I would have gone with a bath seat instead)
*Boppy (I got 2 BFing pillows and I liked "My Breast friend" better)
*Pack N Play
The thing I wanted, but never got:
*Diaper bag!
I also went overboard and had way too many bottles, wash cloths, towels and baby blankets. I, personally, don't think you need an over abundance of these things. I also wont be buying the expensive bedding set next time either, the cheaper sets are just fine. The bouncey seat and swing were a total life saver for us. A lot of people don't like the bumbo, but I loved it. I would cook or do dishes in the kitchen while she sat in it and play with pots/pans/plastic spoons. It was also handy for outdoor use.

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answers from New York on

We loved Bum Genius insert diapers. The one size with adjustable snaps lasted us from the first diapers till no diapers. Also, something I never had but after saw so useful was when the infant car seat could be snapped on top of the stroller. And a good baby sling or front carrier, especially for those early days!

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answers from Dallas on

Things I would definitely buy again:

1. baby swing
2. bottle warmer (even though I breastfeed it has come in handy for night feedings for dad)
3. jogging stroller
4. infant bath tub
5. space saver high chair (instead of the full sized high chair)
6. swaddling blankets for first 3 months
7. sleep sack for when you're finished swaddling
8. boppy pillow for breastfeeding
9. Medela pump and go (I don't think you can go wrong with any medela product)
10. burp cloths galore! (I love the cloth diaper ones)
11. play mat with dangling toys

God bless you and your precious baby!

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answers from Miami on

I got rid of my baby items only to find out I'm pregnant again. It's baby #4. I saved the crib (the only thing I wanted to keep for grandchildren) but got rid of everything else. You need a swing, bouncy chair, infant/carrier car seat, diaper bag (you'll probably be lucky and get one from the hospital), 2-3 baby towels, a couple of crib sheets, maybe 6 receiving blankets, baby washclothes, spit up clothes, bath tub, high chair, play pen/port-crib, bibs, not many clothes (remember, infants sleep A LOT). You can get by with the bare essentials, you don't need much.
...if I can think of anything else, I'll add an "edit" to my post. I'm sort of in the same situation too. I've created a registry for all the must-haves .

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answers from Los Angeles on

Congrats on your soon-to-be new addition! I have a four month old daughter and aside from the crib, car seat and clothes, these are what we've found the most useful:

1. A couple muslin swaddle blankets (I like aden + anais) and one swaddle sack. The sack is especially useful when swaddling the baby will wake her up.
2. Ergo. We were given three carriers before our daughter was born and she would scream in all of them and they were uncomfortable for us. The Ergo is very comfortable for both my husband and me and the baby likes it. The only drawback is that the baby cannot face outwards, if that's something you'd like to do later on.
3. Our daughter really likes the Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing. It took a few days for her to get used to it, but now it's our go to for when she's drowsy, but won't go down in her crib.
4. Now that she's a little older, she likes her vibrating chair, but not so much because of the movement, but because she likes to sit up.
5. Finally, we could not live with a yoga ball. From day one, our daughter loves bouncing on the ball both in our arms and now we sit her in front of us. It will put her to sleep and as she's getting older, it's a great way to help her physical development.

I've been using the Ameda Purely Yours and it's worked well for me. I also bought an Evenflo single pump when I was waiting for a replacement piece for the Ameda (I dropped, nothing wrong with the pump) and it's actually worked really well for quick on-the-go pumping when I don't feel like carrying the bigger pump.

Good luck!

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answers from Phoenix on

the bouncy chairs are great to put on the counter or floor while your doing stuff for them to sleep. my kids loved a swing. and of coarse the snuggly things to walk around with are nice for some mommies.

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answers from St. Louis on

No need for a changing table... I used the playpen bassinet for that for a little while. Then the floor was the easist. Changing table is personal preferance though. I love swaddle me blankets (it swaddles them like they do in the hospital, but easier, and harder for the little one to escape from)... i found these amazing. A bobby was great for breastfeeding and bottle feeding, and u can use them to prop the baby up. I found that the bouncy seat was a life saver. o and if u get a graco carseat they make this metal piece that u can set up to turn the carseat into a swing. We didnt have much room and this worked very well. Doesnt take up much space, easy to fold up and take anywhere. I also liked having a bjorn carrier, this was nice to have, hold baby and still cook dinner, or whatever you need to do. Also if breastfeeding the bags are the best way to go if you plan on freezing them, takes up less space.

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answers from Boston on

I have th medela pump in style, and it works great. I have had it for almost four years and 3 babies and still working great. I wouldn't waste money on sterilizers. Things I'm glad I had, bouncy seat, swing, and exersaucer. I would also get a graco infant seat, snap and go. I'm not sure if I would get the regular stroller, I think I would get a jogger instead. I learned that Graco is the standard car seat that fits into most other carriages. I wouldn't even buy burp clothes, they are too small, just use a recieving blanket. I wouldn't get man baby wash clothe and towels. They are really small too and pricey. I do recommend swaddleme wrap and the sleep sacks for when they out grow those.

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answers from Dallas on

We're due in two weeks with our second; my older is 18months so we got to have this conversation very recently! I'm going to answer from that perspective.

HAD to Have:
-Baby Bjorn carrier,
-munchkin teething sacks,
-sleep sack(s) and really good swaddle blankets,
-the ITZBEEN baby timer (seriously, I thought this thing would be great with a toddler around but even before the baby is here I'm using it all day every day to time everything from naptime to cooking dinner).
-microwave sterilizer for bottles/pacys. if you're big on sterilizing toys you might want something else but for food stuffs, this thing saved my rear, and it stored easily.
-ergo baby carrier once the baby outgrows the Bjorn. it carries on the front, back or hip and has allowed us to go to fairs, art shows, and ride on trains w/o worrying about losing my little one
-harness/tether. we have a monkey shaped one that lets us go for evening walks w/o the stroller. my daughter gets to walk and explore and we don't have to worry about mad dashes into the street. (though this is obviously down the road for you guys)

surprised by: the breathable baby bumper. i like it because it keeps my daughter's blanket and pacy in the bed but it's not big and bulky like most bumpers so I won't have to worry about the little one getting caught up against it.

we're not worrying about an entertainer this time around though it was invaluable the first time. we already have a swing but our older daughter was sort of indifferent to it once we had the Baby Bjorn in our lives.

-I HATED the Bumbo chair only slightly less than my daughter did, though I know lots of moms swear by it. I dumped mine as fast as I could.
- drying rack. our never held as much as we were washing and tended to fold back up on itself. it became a lot easier to let things dry in the sterilizer or just hand dry them.

- We use the Gro-Baby (now Gro-Via) system. It has the snap-in liners so you don't have to wash the outer section with every diaper change.
-If you want cloth diapers I would really suggest thinking about cloth wipes too. I made my own out of receiving blankets that didn't work as swaddle blankets. I'm sure it seems obvious but when we started using cloth diapers I didn't realize at first that it made more sense to use cloth wipes too. Otherwise, you'll need a diaper pail AND a trash can in the room.
-Be sure to get good water-proof liners (again, the gro-baby ones are amazing for us and they come in two sizes).

On cloth diapers, I have friends that have a diaper sprayer that hooks to the toilet to clean off poopies and they swear by it. We don't have one and don't feel like it's necessary.

CONGRATULATIONS! GOOD LUCK! I would say most of all consider what your family is like. We love going for long, casual walks so the two different carriers and the tether WERE necessary for us, but if you're more of a homebody or conversely, more adventurous that might not be what you guys need.

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answers from Kansas City on

If we could give it a go all over again I would have invested more in a better stroller. Our kids are 3 years and 18 months and we have been through 3 single strollers (we have number 4 now) and are looking for double stroller number 2 currently. I would honestly say invest in a good stroller. We bought bounch chairs with both kids, but never used them. Big waste of money. But the swing was worth it, definatly get a good swing. My boppy pillow was my best friend while I was breastfeeding, just buy extra covers for it. Our changing tables ended up being used for storage, (toys and clothes) so we really didn't need to get one.

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answers from Raleigh on

our baby is almost 3 months old. What we use ALL THE TIME : Arms reach cosleeper next to our bed(change her on there too), bouncy seat, bath tub, sleepers that have no feet, burp cloths,we have a swing but it's a hit or miss every time, lots of blankets, play gym, my breast friend boppy(for the first month only), stroller that you can snap the car sit in,zip up blankets that they can wear at night(gosh what r they called????), I am paranoid so a Snuza go movement monitor is a MUST for me:)Medela breast pump. We got 24 AIO cloth diapers with 48 inserts on ebay from a company from Canada for $135 and they are AMAZING no leaks or anything(our baby was small (7'5)so we used regular diapers that we got for a baby shower for the first 2 months) ,baby B'jorn carrier(our baby did not like slings)Thats all for now....gotta go baby is crying:)

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answers from Boston on

The things that I really couldn't do without (I've got 3 kids) were:

cosleeper -- We have the babybunk, but there are less expensive alternatives. None of my kids slept through the night until they were at least 18 months old, and cosleeping is the only way I was able to get a reasonable amount of sleep most of the time. YMMV.

Mei Tai baby carrier: I tried different slings and carriers with all three kids. This one was my favorite and I used it literally all the time with my third.

Car Seat of course... preferably one that can fit into a stroller (if you're getting a new stroller anyway) -- those things get very heavy very quickly. For various reasons, we ended up using several brands. The one with a handle you can grip several different ways was our favorite, because as I said, they get heavy, and it's nice to be able to switch your grip and use slightly different muscles to carry it.

PlayPen/portacrib -- not as necessary at the beginning, but once the baby starts rolling over, it's really nice to have a safe place to put them down while you do something.... like run to the bathroom. It can also substitute for a crib -- my 2yo still naps in his, and we have never bothered to set up the full crib for him. He'll probably be to big for it soon though.

Vibrating Bouncy Seat -- the vibrations are really really soothing to most babies, and this was a lifesaver. Again, it's a matter of being able to put the little one down and keep them happy, or asleep, or whatever, while you do something.

Lots and lots of receiving blankets -- they're great for swaddling, and they're absorbant so their great for wiping up various types of babyooze and protecting your clothes from spit up and such -- much bigger than the little burp clothes and therefore more effective. Also good for absorbing extra breastmilk -- I know that I always leaked from the other side for the first 1-2 months until everything balanced itself out.

The book The Happiest Baby on the Block (or the dvd if that works better for you.) Really -- Watching this dvd during our refresher childbirth class (and I teach childbirth classes) was the most valuable thing in it. Seriously -- watch or read this.

Cloth Diapering -- of all the brands and types we tried, my favorite by far was fuzzibunz. It's a pocket diaper that very rarely leaks, can be as absorbant as you need, and it dries quickly because you take the absorbant "towells" out and they unfold so that they're a flat microfiber towel in the dryer. In my opinion, if you're cloth diapering and doing the laundry anyway, you might as well use cloth wipes too. Their cheaper, more comfy on the baby's bottom, and better for the environment.

Even if you're cloth diapering, do yourself a favor and get a package of disposables to use at the very beginning until the baby stops passing meconium. That stuff is very hard to get out of the cloth diapers.

My kids all loved the baby mat with the dangly toys and later their excersaucer.

I have loved my baby monitor, particularly when the little ones are napping and I'm somewhere else in the house. We still have it on in the kids room. RIght now all three share a room, and if one wakes up in the middle of the night, the monitor lets us get in there and calm them down before it gets noisy enough to wake the others.

That's all I can think of right now. Gotta go get my 2yo up.

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answers from Providence on

You might want to hold off on buying a breast pump. The really good ones are quite expensive. You might want to see how it goes in the hospital and then consider renting one from the hospital. A lot of moms I know spent more than $300 on a good pump and then the breastfeeding didn't work out, or they didn't have time at work to pump and it was a total waste of money. I rented one, but found that I liked the handpump that the hospital gave me over the rented electric one.

Good luck on all your baby purchasing!

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answers from Phoenix on

The Fisher Price newborn sleeper.http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-Newborn-Rock-Sleeper-Y...
I had it next to my bed for the first 2 months and could just grab him to breastfeed. Now I have a co-sleeper, still having baby sleep next to me. So much more easier than a crib in a different room. Eventually he will transfer. Also a miracle blanket, great to swaddle and they can't wiggle out. http://www.miracleblanket.com/index.htm
Those were my 2 favorite items.

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answers from Washington DC on

First of all -- congratulations!

Wipe warmers: Waste of money. One friend loved hers because she said cold wipes in the night woke up her son too much but I just figure it's another needless expense.

Crib: Of course, but be certain it's not a recalled brand and model! Drop-side cribs are being phased out as a safety hazard, so check www.cpsc.gov for info and recalls.

I know some parents just love crib bumpers, but I think they're unnecessary and potentially dangerous: We're told to keep soft bedding away from infants, so why put a wad of soft stuff where they can roll right into it and put their faces up against it? Sure, maybe it keeps them from putting an arm or leg through crib slats, but I've never known a baby to get "stuck" that way -- if their limbs are so big they can't pull them out from between the slats, maybe they're too big for a crib! No baby quilts needed either -- again, soft stuff they shouldn't have.

Changing table or dresser with top to change baby on? Why? We changed right on the floor with a good, portable pad. Saves a lot of space in baby's room if you don't have a changing table. And within a short time you'd find baby was too big and wiggly for a changing table anyway and you'd end up on the floor.

Must-have: A good, lightweight and NOT too big diaper bag, preferably with a waterproof lining and some slots/compartments inside. Look at lots before deciding and seek one that's almost weightless when empty so it's not so heavy when full!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Things I really used:

1. Onesies - lots of them.
2. One piece sleeper outfits.
3. Diapers.
4. Baby wipes.
5. Car seat.
6. Stroller - we did one the car seat fit in that converted later.
7. Bottles (for you - pump and accessories).
8. Bouncy seat.
9. Sleep sacs - for baby to sleep in instead of blankets
10. Diaper genie (or diaper pail for cloth)
11. Changing pad and at least 2 changing pad covers.
12. Crib sheets and crib mattress covers - at least two
13. High chair - you don't need this yet but you will. We did the Stokke Trip Trap chair - it converts into a real chair for kids and grown ups when you are done with the high chair part.

Things we received/purchased and NEVER used (or maybe once) or never bought and NEVER needed.

1. BLANKETS - OMG we must have received 40-50 of these. You will need one for the stroller if it will be winter and 1 when he/she is a year old - you can wait on this.
2. Swing - some people do swear by them - I would have been nauseated watching him swing.
3. Wipe warmer
4. Bottle warmer.
5. Bath tub - we got two, didn't like either and used the kitchen sink - just like my mom and my grandma LOL
6. Baby Gym/that mat thing with toys that hang down.
7. Baby videos - finally shown to be a big fraud
8. Our Baby Bjorn - DS hated it and was too heavy way too fast - that said many people swear by baby wearing and this just may not have been the right carrier for us.
9. Pack N Play - until he could turn over, a mat on the floor was fine for travel, after that if we were in a hotel, they always have a crib
10. Baby sleep positioning devices
11. Walker - bad for their legs. AAP position is against them. Exersaucer
12. The whole crib set - bumpers, blanket, ruffly things.
13. Baby booties - current recommendations for baby feet are barefoot is best so DS just wore socks (when he didn't kick them off).
14. Hats - we received probably 20 - he wore one warm hat outdoors - that was it.
15. Car seat cover - cars have heat - turn it on 3-4 minutes before you put him in the car.
16. Baby monitor - used in once, almost jumped out of our skins. Babies will make themselves heard.
Congratulations :)

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answers from Lansing on

I swore by the Fisher Price motion glider! It was my savior and it was the only thing that soothed my daughter from newborn to 3 months!

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answers from Corpus Christi on

(1) Get a Crib for Life. You will never have to buy this baby another bed.
(2) Get a Arm's Reach® CO-SLEEPER® Full Sized. It was amazing for late night breastfeeding and keeping a close eye on my baby. She is 6 months old and we still use it. I love co-sleeping, she is not in my bed, but I can reach out and touch her.
(3) I got an Ameda Purely Yours pump, it works great.
(4) We loved the Fisher Price Little Lamb swing. In fact my daughter slept in it for a long time b/c of acid reflux (which all babies have)
(5) Get a great breastfeeding book. The more information you have about the benefits, the more likely you are to stick with it.
(6) Baby Bjorn Carrier where the baby can face forward and toward you. It has saved us on many trips when my baby decided she hated the carseat or stroller.
(7) I have a Boppy pillow, but we didnt use it much for breastfeeding because we had to use the football hold b/c my boobs were so big they smothered her poor little face. I just used pillows, and my breastfeeding consultant and the pediatrician also said that pillows were sometimes better. So that is up to you, but I did use it to sit her in and take pictures.
(8) I used Breast Flow bottles by Learning Curve and had the best results as far as little nipple confusion.
(9) Bumbo seat, or something similar, was a true life saver until she was able to sit up on her own. She loved to sit up and see what was going on, but was unable to sit on her own until about 5 1/2 months old. So we used the Bumbo for lots of playtime and even in restaurants.

You will learn whats best for your baby! Congrats

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answers from San Diego on

congratulations! you could check out local churchs some have clothing donations or exchanges for free. onsies, cloth diapers, car backseat mirror, soothing baby night night music, baby carrier, lots of socks since mine always kicked them off and i used them as mittens for them cuz they couldn't pull them off lol, comfy feeding bras medela makes good night time ones leaky pads and lanilon for ouchies for mommy :(
if you are in any need of hemerroid or fissure issues pre or post delivery i highly recommend www.amoils.com i have used several products for my children and i they work wonders! they have any product a mom could ever need. plus really great 60 day money back guarentee they actually honor with no hassle.

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answers from Detroit on

Honestly, the wipe warmer is one of my favorite things:) I am borrowing one from my neighbor. At first I thought it was a frivolous item, but in the long run it has saved me much in cash and keep the bum warm:) I buy those big packages of Target wipes which are thin and they come out easier than the thicker wipes. Looking back, I wish I would have had this device for my other two kids--I would have saved alot of money on wipes:)

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answers from Boston on

Best stuff: miracle blanket for swaddling, sleepsacks (depending on the season), we LOVED the bouncy seat (got me my showers) and the swing was very useful. Baby bjorn was fantastic, video monitor essential, medula pump and bottles, the play gym mat.

Did not need: a special changing table (used a pad on the dresser), little bathtub (ours leaked, I used the sink and then the regular tub with a tiny bit of water), bumba was useless for us


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answers from Eau Claire on

2 things that I had to have were a swing and bouncy seat. Whenever my daughter was fussy and didn't seem to like anything we did for her we put her in her swing or seat and she was almost always immediately content. We had 2 seats and 2 swings, a large swing for at home and a small travel one for long visits to the families. It's not necessary to have 2 of each, we just ended up with that.

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answers from Detroit on

You can skip a high chair (messy, big, etc.) and opt for a booster instead. It can be used from 5 months up. My absolute fave is the Fisher Price Healthy Seat, for it's ease of use and cleaning. You even fold the back down and take it to a restaurant!

A pack & play is pretty much essential! we used ours at home and away, and still use it when babies come to visit!

Aside from a bouncy and a swing (you can get a travel one), a lot of the other things are unnecessary, big or expensive, the child uses them for a very brief time, and you can usually borrow them (for example, exersaucer, bumbo seat, play gyms, etc.) You do need a few places to put the baby down, so I think the bouncy and swing are the best...

if you're planning to get a new crib, they make ones now that have high ends, and they transition into toddler beds. i wish i had this option. we got one that is a "lifetime" crib, but is actually not very useful after the toddler bed, as it transitions to a full size bed, which we do not have room for.

if you are trying to keep down the gear, go for a mid sized stroller (more than an umbrella, but light weight and small with a basket).

besides that one person who said they loved a wipes warmer, i've never heard of anyone else using it!

a boppy is great for nursing!

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answers from New York on

What did they do 75 years ago without all the things we have today? Somehow they managed.

I think a lot depends on your lifestyle and the layout of your home. Some things to consider...

clothes - Babies sleep a lot, so a few sleepers. I really liked onsies. Only a few nice outfits for visiting, church etc.

bath tub - Some people say it's a must. I rarely used mine. A towel in the bottom of the sink was much easier. When they were older, I had a chair I used in the tub that was a life saver.

high chair - For me it was a must, because they used it well into toddler ages. However, when there infants you can feed them in the carrier and then later just use a booster seat.

swing, bouncy seat, playpen, etc - need??? I think you need at least one of these types of items, but not all.

changing table - not really needed. I used a microwave cart. A large changing pad works everywhere, the floor, the bed etc.

stroller - for me an absolute must. I used it constantly, walks around the neighborhood, at the mall, fairs, amusement park.

carseatSSSS - one in my car, one in hubby's, one in grandparents - of course only one would work, but I didn't want to have to move it from car to car

diaper bag - a backpack also works great


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answers from New York on

You really don't need a lot at first:

-long sleeve onsies with the hand guards built in (the mittens always seem to fall off or get lost)
-Medela Pump worked well for me- get plenty of extra BM storage containers to freeze or fridge
-Changing pad or Changing table (I used mine alot)
-Paci's if you are gonna use them
-baby tub
-Playmat or playgym. I had one that had sides that went up for when baby starts to roll
-burb cloths for your shoulder
-swaddling blankets
-Finger nail clippers / nose bulb/ thermometer/ basic first aid stuff
-extra crib sheet
-a mobile for crib
-a crib soother (we had the sleep sheep and it was awesome) to help soothe

For a little later on we found the Bumbo was really useful

Congrats and Good luck!

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answers from Sacramento on

I loved using the book Baby Bargains as a resource when I have my 1st child. It's a sort of consumer reports for baby items... but also tells you stuff that you need, and absolutely don't need.

You can usually find it on Amazon, but make sure you look for a fairly recent copy of it.

Good luck!

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answers from Huntsville on

I have used a medella pump and it has been great! It is a double pump so you dont spend so much time pumping. Burp cloths are a must, pacifiers are also very very helpful. My girls love their silky blankets...i would get one of those. Sometimes that is what calms them down. Congrats on breastfeeding! Then you dont have to worry about all the bottles stuff and its much cheaper. You might want some breast pads for your self and some nipple cream....you get sore. I liked using the organic nipple cream because it wasnt so sticky. Also i found the best sleepers are the ones that zip up..then you dont fuss with buttons at night while you change their diaper. Hope this helps! Congrats again!!

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answers from San Francisco on

A boppy is a must especially if you are breast feeding. I had three. One to travel with, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. A breast feeding shawl or cover is great too.

Sixteen months ago I had my third child after a six year gap. We had to start over because we had given everything away. I also wanted to make sure that I didn't just have the stuff to have it. I wanted to need it. We didn't even buy the crib or changing table until she was four months old. We used a pak and play that had a changing table attached and a bassinet instead. We now still have the pak and play to use when we travel but do not have an additional bassinet lying around.


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answers from Los Angeles on

HI! I know-it is soooo overwhelming.
The best list of new baby neccessities is at
Check it out and good luck!!!



answers from Boise on

For breastfeeding, a Boppy! You can pick them up for ~$3 at thrift stores, or a bit more at consignment stores. Indispensable!

I highly recommend a bassinet. You don't use it for long, but it's so great to have the baby right there, especially since you're breastfeeding. Or look into a co-sleeper. Used bassinets are fairly easy to pick up cheap, which is great since you'll only use it for 5-6 months.

Another way to go on the bassinet is a Pack 'N Play with a bassinet attachment. My third baby was the first one in a 2-story house. We already had a bassinet, so I didn't use that part of it much at home, but I loved having a changing table stocked and ready downstairs, so I didn't have to always trek upstairs to his room. We also used it a ton when we were traveling. He probably slept in the bassinet attachment for a month straight when we were visiting family! Also, we've used a Pack 'N Play for traveling until our boys were about 2.

You need somewhere to put the baby down. Like a bouncer or a swing. My last two babies didn't really like the swing much. It seems that they either love swings or don't, so it's hard to know whether a swing will be indispensable or not. My babies liked a simple bouncer much better.

I wanted a Bumbo for my 3rd kid, but before I bought one, I borrowed a friend's. My baby screamed his head off and arched his back, almost flipping the whole thing over. So yeah, I scratched that off my wish-list.

The one thing that I simply can't live without is a dresser/changing table and contoured changing pad. I got some non-slip stuff for putting under rugs and cut it to fit under the changing pad. I put this on top of a long, low dresser (the kind that usually has a mirror). The rest of the dresser top has room for a little basket of diaper essentials, a box of wipes, and a small lamp. I keep the diapers in the top drawer of the dresser, his clothes in the others. I used this set-up for 2 of my three babies and LOVED it so much more than a changing table! And then you have a real piece of furniture that grows with your child. They'll need a dresser their whole life at home.

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