Infant: Munchkin

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Infant Feeding

A.N. asks from Harrisburg

I was wondering when to start giving my 11 month old "real people" food and table foods.. she came one month early so actually she is only 10 months old she has 2 li...


Moving Overseas-baby on Plane Help!

J.V. asks from San Francisco

My husband and I are moving from San Jose to Cape Town, South Africa in two weeks. Our daughter is 6 months old. What advice do you have for an infant on a looooong f...


Sippy Cups, Which Ones Are Best?

V.F. asks from Shreveport

My daughter is one. She does great with a sippy cup, but we have been using the nubby brand and it leaks out the top. I bought a munchkin one and learning curves th...


What's a Item You Used for Your Baby That You Couldn't Live Without??

J.J. asks from Chicago

HI MAMMA'S! I'm a soon-to-be 1st time gramma and wanted to make sure my daughter had some great things to help her transition into parenthood with the new baby. Is ...


Most Useful New Infant Item You had...please share...especially Preemie Parents

N.B. asks from Minneapolis

So my SIL gave birth VERY early last 30.5 weeks gestation. My niece weighed in at 2 lbs, 1 oz. She has done vent the whole time, no emergenc...


Anyone's Baby Using Macrodantin/nitrofurantoin? How to Make Him Swallow It?

A.C. asks from Los Angeles

Our 5 month old has been prescribed nitrofurantoin for his recurrent UTIs. (Ours is not brand name Macrodantin, since we live in Europe, but the effective ingredient ...


Need Help with Baby Shower Gift...

D.W. asks from Phoenix

Hello ladies! My very good friend is having her baby shower on Sat. I've already bought her gift which consists of about 12 different items...a few outfits, wipes, a ...


Transitioning Out of Baby Bath Tub

J.R. asks from Minneapolis

My question today is about transitioning out of the infant bath tub. Does anyone have any suggestions? She hasn't fully outgrown the tub, but she will be very soon....


First Time Mom of 1 Week Old Baby Boy!

A.H. asks from Los Angeles

Help!!! I'm 40yrs old, first time mom of a (one week old) Baby Boy. Please, I need advise from all of the wonderful moms that have gone through the same thing of ...


Breastfed Baby Won't Use Sippy Cup

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter just turned 9 months old and has been an exclusively breastfed baby. Never used a bottle, I just took her with me wherever I went. So for the past 3 weeks...