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Munchkin Products

C.W. asks from Lexington

Has anyone ever used the munchkin fresh food feeder? The things with little handles and the little mesh bag to put fresh food in? I got a pack of two the other day an...


Munchkin Fresh Food Teether

J.A. asks from New York

Hello, my little boy just turned 7 months old. I received a two pk. of the Munchking mesh fresh food teethers for my shower and have still yet to use them. My baby ...


Breastfeeding, Can't Pump, Going Back to Work

S.R. asks from San Francisco

My son will be just over 9 months when I go back to work next month. I exclusively breast fed until he was 6 months and then began introducing solids. He is great w...


Sippy Cups, Which Ones Are Best?

V.F. asks from Shreveport

My daughter is one. She does great with a sippy cup, but we have been using the nubby brand and it leaks out the top. I bought a munchkin one and learning curves th...


Nursing and Work

I.D. asks from Austin

Hi, I am a working mother of a 4mth old and trying to nurse. I started pumping but as the days go by, I get less milk and I need some advice, ideas to help me keep my...


What Should I Write on a Nanny Application If I Need to Bring My Son to Work ??

N.L. asks from Philadelphia

I am a single mother who previously worked as a nanny. I am trying to go back to work and I am having a hard time finding a family who will accept my son and well as ...


Leak Proof Sippy Cup?

L.K. asks from Houston

I have had the hardest time finding a sippy cup that won't leak!! Any suggestions? I have used Munchkin, NUK, Nubi(?), and born free.


Is There a Sippy Cup Out There That Doesn't Leak!!!????

D.B. asks from San Diego

OK, honestly, is there a good sippy cup out there that doesn't leak on a regular basis!!!??? I have spent a fortune on every sippy cup out there, and all of them eit...


What Straw Cup Recommended for 10 Month Old?

J.M. asks from Denver

I previously posted about getting my 9 month old to take a sippy. He has been exclusively breastfed and finally started taking a bottle (with breastmilk) in daycare ...


How to Get Tint Stain Out of Nipples

M.K. asks from Sioux Falls

I was in a hurry the other night and forget to rinse a serving spoon that had tomato paste on it before I ran the dishwasher. My bottle nipples that were in the lil ...