Infant: Exersaucer

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Exersaucer Recommendations

D.F. asks from Chicago

I would love some input from other moms who have purchased and/or used exersaucers for their little ones. I am looking for some recommendations on models still on th...


To Exersaucer or Not to That Is the Question.

A.B. asks from Boston

My son will be 4 months on Aug. 6th. I was wondering when I can start him in an exer-sacuer? I've only really worked with children who were past this stage!! He's sta...


Looking for Good Exersaucer or Way to Entertain 5 Month Old

M.B. asks from Salt Lake City

My son is outgrowing his floor gym, bouncer and swing. I have put him in a jumperoo a few times, but he is never happy in it very long. I think I should get an exersa...


9-Month-old Son Spins in Exersaucer Until He's Dizzy

L.S. asks from Chicago

I know this is not a typical question, but I have a 9-month-old son who loves his exersaucer. It has a seat that spins very easily - I think it must have rollerballs...


Exersaucer/ Activity Center Still Worth It for an Almost 6 Month Old?

L.B. asks from New York

I couldn't make up my mind about whether or not to buy a walker/ jumperoo/ exersaucer, and now my baby is almost 6 months. He is 21+ pounds and 27 inches tall. I th...


Jumperoo vs Exersaucer ??

K.B. asks from Philadelphia

Jumperoo's are new since I had my daughter almost 6 years ago. Are they similar enough to exersaucers that you could use one vs the other? And if so, which one is b...


Exersaucer: to Use or Not to Use?

S.Q. asks from Chicago

I am researching this topic for work and I would like to know the following. I am a pediatric PT, if that helps. But, please feel free to share your thoughts, uncenso...


Camping with an Infant

K.K. asks from Denver

Hi Moms, We are planning on camping this summer with our 11 month old. I was wondering if any of you could give me advice on what to bring? And if you have any s...


Camping with an Infant.

H.J. asks from San Francisco

DH and I have friends who love camping. They have invited us to go on some trips with them. We just cannot agree on what to do with our 4 month old daughter. My idea ...


Seeking Recommendation for Exersaucer or Other 'Stationary Entertainer'

M.R. asks from Chicago

I'm curious to learn more about ExerSaucers, jumperoos, or other stationary entertainers that moms have tried. Which ones have you used? Which ones did you like and...