Exersaucer Vs. Jumperoo

Updated on November 20, 2008
B.H. asks from Burnsville, MN
12 answers

Wondering the pro's and con's of a typical exersaucer vs. the fisher price jumperoo and which one you'd buy if you could only buy one?

When did your babies start using them and when did they outgrow them?

Trying to decide which one to buy for my daughter's xmas gift!

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answers from Milwaukee on

My son had an exersaucer and loved it. It was nice to put him in there and not have to worry about him when I was doing something.

He used it until he could walk/cruise then he played with the toys from the outside instead of sitting inside and playing.

My husband and I laugh that we miss those days ALREADY! :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

Our daugther loves both! We use them for different things. The exersaucer for keeping her safe while I'm in the kitchen or bathroom and the jumperoo for when we need to get that extra energy out before bed. Try craigslist.com to find a used one. I'd suggest buying the jumperoo used since it probably will look better used than an exersaucer (all the toys and attachments get quite a licking...literally!). You might also look at Once Upon a Child stores. They are at least half the price and usually they only take them if they are in good shape. Have a great Christmas!



answers from Minneapolis on


My mom has a jumperoo at her house and my boys both loved it. The only thing is, it is seriously huge! I'd say they were in it occasionally from about 5-6 months until they could walk (12 months for my second, and 15 months for the first.

I know that exersaucers are big too, but this thing my mom has is way bigger!




answers from Appleton on

We have both--and our daughter LOVED both. I got the Jumperoo for a shower gift and the exersaucer I found at a re-sale shop for $10! Our exersaucer she started to use around 3 months--basically when she could hold her head up well on her own. She LOVED it because she could see everything around her, and that kept her attention for quite awhile.

Then when she was about 5 months we got out the Jumperoo, she LOVED that even more than the Exersaucer, it was SOOO fun to watch her JUMP AND JUMP AND JUMP...really strengthened her legs.

So, with that I guess my recommendation is for either--both of them your child will love. If you have a second hand store near to you I would check that place out, it was nice having both-- I see Exersaucers there more often than the Jumperoos.

I would say my daughter used it until she could walk--so until about a year--then she didn't want to be trapped. Our daughter is small for her age (short) so she probably used it longer than most kids because she didn't physically outgrow it. Now she is 17months and stands next to them and plays with the toys--and even last night she wanted to get back into the exersaucer, and played for awhile...I think they are great investments!

Have fun!



answers from Waterloo on

We had both and I definitely think that the exersaucer kept my son more entertained while he was in it. He liked both, but for the time that he spent, he spent more time in the exersaucer. We got both of ours from friends whos kids outgrew them...ask around because no one keeps those huge things around if they are done with little ones in the house...Keep em out of the land fill that way too!



answers from Minneapolis on

We have an exersuacer and our son was in it from the time he was able to hold his head up in a sitting position until he was walking (5 months until about 12 months). I too am considering the jumperoo but but at the same time the kids are able to jump some in the exersaucer as well.



answers from St. Cloud on

I would go with the jumperoo just for the fact that it can be quite a bit quieter than the saucer. I have the Little Einstiens bouncer, very similar to jumperoo. Daycare has both. The saucers are plastic slamming on plastic and gets EXTREMELY loud. Depending on the toys attached to the bouncer, it can be loud but only from the beaded toys rattling. So that was my decision when we got ours. The noise level from the saucer was too much.

The Little Einstiens bouncer has 4 different hieght levels to adjust as baby grows. My daughter loved it. They still put her in a bouncer at daycare, but since she is 11 months old now, she prefers to move around at home. Too much to do, can't stay in one place for very long. Used it from about 4 months to 11 months.



answers from Minneapolis on


I just got a used FIsher Price Jumperoo (it had the highest ratings and I can see why) at Once Upon a Child for half the price you pay new! You can take your baby and put them in it to see if they will like it first. Our son is 4 months old and can hold his head up and loves it...he has a bawl!!! I put a blanket behind him for extra support... but it's the best one for back and head support anyway out of all the jumperoos.. The jumperoo has three height setting for growth.

As far as the exersaucer, I was told to get that too..to switch it up, so our friend is lending us theirs...(again take your baby and put them in it to see which one they play with more or less...some babies I hear get overstimulated with too much "things and lights" in front of them, others are fine with it).

Good Luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

We have the jumperoo and my daughter LOVES it. We started her in it around 5 months and she is now 10-1/2 months and stil loves it. We use it while we are cooking so we know she isn't crawling where she could get hurt. I would recommend this over and over again!



answers from Minneapolis on

My sister and I have little ones that are 5 1/2 months apart... so we had both. Our mom actually bought both of them with the intention that when my nephew grew out of it, my son would be ready to grow into it. Worked great with the Jumperoo, but I ended up buying an exersaucer because my nephew was still using the first one. I would say that the Jumperoo was used from about 4 months to 9 months, they both got bored and over stimulated because all it did was bounce. The exersaucer was probably used for about 3 or 4 months(for very short period of times) to a little over a year... great for getting to take a shower! You can also take it with you if you go to grandparent house or to a friends. I would deffinetly recomend the exersaucer by far you can use it a lot longer and it has more to do! Good luck, have fun picking one out!


answers from La Crosse on

i've never had the jumperoo so i can't say either way on that. but we have an exersaucer for our kids and the day care kids. they all love it. my son is 18mo and still plays with it. he will crawl in and out of it when he wants to play in it. he will jump like crazy in it! im suprised he hasn't broke it! i would look into a used one if you can find one in good shape. the one i have actually was my older sons then went to my SIL for her three kids to my ex mother in laws for two more kids and i have it back now for my younger ones. it really has outlasted anything else and the kids were not very gentle with them! ask around since i have had my two little ones i have been asked probally 3 times if i need one. with either one im sure your little one will enjoy it!



answers from Minneapolis on

Hey B....
I had a jumperoo when my son was little and it was great. I also work with kids and between the two the jumperoo seems to be a favorite. You are able to jump in an excersaucer, just not as much as the jumperoo. My son to this day still loves to jump. My son used it to sit in at first at about 4 months and he literally used it until he was 13 months and started walking. Even after, he would want to go in it because he thought it was so fun.

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