Risks of Standing Flatfooted in the Exersaucer

Updated on August 12, 2008
A.L. asks from Princeton, NJ
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Does anyone know any risks that come from your child standing flat footed in an exersaucer. My son loves his, but seems to be outgrowing it. We have it on the highest setting but he is still standing flat footed. Has anyone heard of any problems that this may cause?

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So What Happened?

Thankyou everyone who responded!!! I continued to look into this and even asked my pediatrician. What I found and what the pediatrician told me was that, other than the concern about the exersaucer being top heavy there is absolutly no risks to having him stand flat footed. The risk is toppling over if he is too tall, which I don't believe is our case, at least yet. So we continue to use the exersaucer for play and exercise but I am more diligent in watching to make sure that he is not able to tumble over.

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I never had a exersaucer, but I am guessing that just as with walkers of years ago, there is really a height limit. Our 4 month old was too tall for the walker on its tallest setting. He toppled out, cut open his mouth. Yes, it could have been much worse, but it was horrible for this first time mom. It was 37 years ago, but if your child is tall enough to be top heavy when leaning, he is too tall for the equipment.I know that exersaucers are more stable but top heavy is still a danger.
God bless
K. SAHM of 4, married 38 years and graduated our youngest twins this year from our homeschool. They are both headed to college in just a few weeks. We also became grandparents for the first time 2 weeks ago tomorrow, when our 32 year old son blessed us with a baby boy.



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Weight bearing on the feet helps develop the arches, so no, it's not harmful. But I would look into making sure he's not "top heavy" like a previous post said. (by the way, weight bearing through the hands, as in crawling or pushing up while on the tummy, helps develop the arches in the hands that help with fine motor skill development. weight bearing is GOOD.)

hope that helps!



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Hi A.,

Sorry I don't have any advice for the the flat footed standing.. I just wanted to comment on the mother son relationship. I love that my little boy, who is four months today, is a little momma's boy. I have a few peers who don't really support my parenting style, which I've decided is leaning towards Attatchment but I too feel this bond is absolutely priceless. Aren't we the special ones. Keep up the great work momma.




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I had the same concern and called customer service. They said there are no developmental issues associated with being flat footed in there. The caution is so that the child will not climb out of the exersaucer. Basically, if they are tall enough to be flat footed in there, there's a chance they can crawl out of there or tip over and hurt themselves.



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It was a sad day when my boys outgrew their exersaucer. We let them play it in for a bit longer while flat-footed (they had been putting weight on their legs and standing for a long time before they got too tall for the toy so we weren't worried about developmental problems), but the big problem that told us it was time to go was when they could climb out. Never actually got to that point, but only because we were always watching them and made sure to quash and attempts to do so. So if your baby can reach the floor with his hands while still in the saucer, I would STRONGLY recommend that it's time to move on.



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a big company such as evenflo, ect spends alot of money on safety issues therefore if they are saying it(most excersaucers say it right in the manual) then i have to think there are problems by doing so. why risk it, kwim/

oh wait, just found this, someone posted this as a response they got from evenflow when asked about the harm of flatfooted-


Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Evenflo Exersaucers.

When a child is placed into the Exersaucer it is advised the child not be flat footed. The recommendation is for a variety of reasons. The Exersaucers are capable of rocking; when a child is flat footed the momentum a child is able to get is more significant when flat footed versus on tip toe. The child has more balance when positioned flat foot which can make it easier for a child to tip the Exersaucer or climb out.

Children who are in the Exersaucer are not capable of walking yet, therefore full body weight is not recommended on the child’s legs when a child bounces/jumps. When the child gets excited or stimulated by the toys a child will often bounce or jump. The impact of a child’s full body weight coming down from a bounce/jump is not being caught by the Exersaucer springs if the child is placed in the Exersaucer with flat feet.

I hope the above information is helpful in explaining why a child is recommended to remain tip toed while in the Exersaucer.

Thank you for contacting Evenflo. I appreciate the time you have taken to email us.

Amanda Penny

Senior ParentLink Representative

Evenflo Company Inc."

but i have a solution, did you try on of those doorway jumpers, i have one where its a little tray going all the way around the baby, and a little music plaything, with loops to attach toys. your son would be able to jump around, you can change the toys, and move it from room to room. these are completely adjustable(at least mine is) so there is no fear he will outgrow it.



answers from New York on

I don't know about the risk part but I would say once they are flat footed they should come out of there so that they can pull themselves up on the furniture or learn to crawl. Get them an activity table to stand and play at, I think Fisher price make a great one.



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I am not sure if this is a risk, but my daughter, mysteriously, had a broken leg at 10 months old caused by a hyper-extension of the knee. I suspect it is because she was flat footed while jumping in her jumparoo. I have no proof, but she had no accidents in the days leading up to our discovery or her leg...

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