Adult Child: Bath Toys

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Suggestions for Bathing

M.R. asks from Chicago

My son is 14 months old and the squirmiest kid I have ever met. The squirmy part isn't a big deal...until it is bath time. We had been using a bath seat but he has ...


If You Say Your House Is a Wreck...

M.R. asks from Rochester

...what do you really mean? I've been in "messy" homes where the stack of magazines on the coffee table was off-center or there were dirty dishes rinsed and sittin...


Please Share... Chore/incentive/rewards Charts & Ideas

S.E. asks from Phoenix

I really want to start some kind of incentive chart for my 3 & 4 yo sons. I don't want it to only have chores on there like cleaning their room, keeping their trucks ...


Grandparents Not Complying with Wishes

B.B. asks from Topeka

Hi, I really feel I need some advice on this and I think it would be better coming from some third parties. My husband, 8 month old son and I just attended my nephew...