Stinky Bath Toys!

Updated on February 19, 2008
F.G. asks from Fort Worth, TX
8 answers

Ok I run my kids bath toys through the dishwasher about every one to two weeks, I use the sanitize wash and everything. But I have noticed a gross film on them and they smell funny, so I have put them in a large bucket of hot water and clorox, and of course rinsed them. But it did not work. Is there anything else I can try? Or should I just throw them out and buy new ones? Which I would rather not do since most are fairley new already. Please help me save the bath toys!!

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So What Happened?

I threw away all of the bath toys and started all over again! And is no longer having any problems.

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answers from Amarillo on

Pampers has a safe toy cleaner in a spray or a wipe. It is especially made for baby toys. They can put them in their mouths without you worrying after you have cleaned with the product. I use it on all toys--not just bath toys!

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answers from Dallas on

We use the same products as Tracy T, and I second the motion on using them instead of what you can find at the "store"!! (Since Tracy answered first, I will refer you to her for questions, but I am also available.)

One thing you need to remember with the bath toys is that you have to squeeze the water out of them after EVERY bath!! When the baby is playing with them and getting water into them and you are not squeezing it out, is when the smell comes....from MOLD and MILDEW. M&M grows great in dark, wet places, and that is exactly what an "unsqueezed" bath toy is. And even when you are "emptying" the toys, they will still need to be replaced every so often.

The dishwasher water will not get up into the toys, because they have to be squeezed for the water to get in, as well, so all you are doing is "surface washing" the toys in the dishwasher.



answers from Dallas on

try green works made by chlorox, it's all natural and safe for kids and the
environment .It smells good too.



answers from Dallas on

First of all - WOW - natural! You are amazing! :o) I was begging for that epidural!! hee hee

I read the other posts and I agree with them...but I have another suggestion too...I use some great products that clean really really well and are the best of science and nature so very safe for you and the kids and they work AMAZINGLY!! (is that a word?)

They have cleaners for just about everything, plus personal products as well for men, women, children and even babies. If you'd like to try them out, yes not only do I use them, but I do recommend them :o), give me a shout!



answers from Dallas on

I would try plain white vinegar. I hate the smell, but it is very effective for removing soap scum and water stains. I also use it to clean the jets in my tub. It is nontoxic so it won't hurt the kids if you forget to rinse them. Good luck!!
I also just noticed your bio - congrats on having your children naturally, I too have taken that "crazy route" as other moms have told me. I had my last one at home and plan to do the others that way as well. There is nothing like being totally 100 % aware when those precious babies are born.



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I second the vinegar and water...much safer for your kiddos than bleach leaves a residue that the vinegar does not.



answers from Wichita Falls on

I use ammonia in the washing machine with a vinegar rinse.



answers from Atlanta on

Nothing beats plain old white distilled vinegar. It will cut the scum and is totally safe for your kids. If you are having smelly laundry, add a cup or so to the wash and notice a big difference! It's also great to pre-treat armpits on sweaty shirts as it helps break down the deposits of deodorant.

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