Child: Bath Toys

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Bath Toys

R.P. asks from Lansing

I'm looking for ideas of household items that make good bath son loves the bath but I want to give him more to play with in the tub without going out and ...


Bath Toys

J.K. asks from Sacramento

Hi Moms, My son is 21 months old and is in need of some new bath toys now that he is older. I am at a loss as to what would be good. I am not interested in the toy...


Disenfecting Bath Toys

B.A. asks from Detroit

Any recommendations on how to disinfect bath toys? My toddler loves playing with toys during bath time, and always puts them in his mouth. So I want to avoid chemic...


Cleaning Bath Toys

C.U. asks from Omaha

My son has TONS of bath toys how do you clean them. Can I clean them in the bathtub with bleach and water? Or do i just spray them with somthing. He loves them all ...


Cleaning Bath Toys

G.S. asks from Chicago

Moms, what is the best way to clean bath toys (foam, plastic, soft scrubbie animals, laminated books)? How often do you clean them? I have a squeeze duckie with a hol...


Mildew on Bath Toys

C.M. asks from Portland

My daughter has a bunch of bath toys, including a couple of bath babies that she will just not part with. I have tried drying everything after her bath and her toys ...


Help with Cleaning of Bath Toys

M.A. asks from Burlington

My 3+ year old daughter goes through phases in bath toys. She hasn't played with many of her ducks and other animals in a long time. Just recently she's brought them ...


Best Bath Toys?

J.L. asks from Dallas

Time to throw out my toddler's bath toys and get a new set in time for Christmas. Any suggestions? We're kinda grossed out by the squirt toys because you can't full...


Any Good Magnet Toys for the 'Fridge? Oh, and Good Bath Toys?

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

I love you guys...thanks for all of your responses...:) My dd just discovered that the fridge is magnetic! I have been letting her play (supervised, of course) wit...


Cleaning Bath Toys

R.F. asks from Chicago

Hi! Our daughter absolutely loves rubber ducks and all the little squirting plastic abth toys she can get her hands on. The problem is that after a while they all see...