Infant: Alimentum

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Does ALIMENTUM (Ready to Feed) Help ECZEMA?

K.A. asks from Seattle

My daughter has eczema, I breast feed and I know that the eczema is related to food allergies. I have been on a restricted diet able to eat only rice and meat with w...


Where to Buy Similac Alimentum (For Allergies) in Phoenix?

K.K. asks from Phoenix

Hi, moms. My 4 week old has had some bloody stools, so our pediatrician has him temporarily on Similac Alimentum while I begin a dairy free diet. Has anyone had any l...


Anyone Switch Their Baby to Alimentum and Have a Worse Day Before a Better Day?

A.R. asks from New York

Has anyone had a similar experience? I assumed that since Alimentum is predigested, it would not have the adjustment issues other switching of formulas would have. ...


Similac Alimentum Vs. Enfamil Nutramigen

N.S. asks from Dayton

Hi moms! I'm back again. My sweet boy is 12 weeks old and while this is NOT what I want to do, I'm beginning to feel its in my babe's best chance at happiness:-) I've...


Switching to Similac Alimentum to Help with Eczema

C.S. asks from Miami

My 7 month old son has really bad eczema. I've tried every lotion, body wash, detergent-you name it, I tried it. He was on Good Start formula, then I switched him to...


Similac Alimentum Stool/Bowel Movements and Increased Gas on Prevacid?

J.M. asks from Detroit

I have two questions here - Sorry - 1. Similac Alimentum Stool/Bowel Movements I recently changed my son over from Neocate (a special hypoallergenic formula for...


8 Month Old on Alimentum formula...Could It Be a Milk Protein Allergy?

C.W. asks from Topeka

Hi moms! So if you've been following my questions, my infant has had a rough go. Up until she was 5 months we couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. Thought it ...


Nutramigen Vs. Alimentum

K.L. asks from Tampa

My 5 week old has been through 4 formulas (Similac Adv., Enfamil Gentlease, Enfamil AR, and Isomil). The next step is hypoallergenic formula. Has anyone had any suc...


Infant Constipation

W.L. asks from Philadelphia

It's been almost 29 years since I had an infant to take care of. My daughters one month old son seems to have consitpation. How can I help her?


Flavoring for Alimentum Formula to Make It Taste Better?

J.W. asks from Las Vegas

Hi there I have a 5 almost 6 month old baby who drinks Alimentum formula, it seemed when she was younger she would drink it fine but now that she is older it she acts...