Anyone Switch Their Baby to Alimentum and Have a Worse Day Before a Better Day?

Updated on December 05, 2010
A.R. asks from Westfield, NJ
7 answers

Has anyone had a similar experience? I assumed that since Alimentum is predigested, it would not have the adjustment issues other switching of formulas would have. But we had a very, very rough switch... with a final, gooooooood outcome! Knock on wood. My son had terrible gas, crying uncontrollably, on similac organic, sensitive, then carnation good start... until we switched to Alimentum -- the pediatrician suggested Enfamil Nutramigen, but I heard better things about Alimentum. So we started him on a Wednesday afternoon. By that night he was worse... screaming and crying the entire night -- it was other worldly. In the morning he calmed down, then got upset again, obviously having stomach pain. My husband insisted we stick it out for at least 24 hours with the Alimentum. I was ready to give up. But, by the next day around 3 PM, 24 hours after the first bottle, we saw an improvement... slowly but surely... we a wonderful day - then a few rough patches, but on and off for a few days... then by say, yesterday - 9 or ten days on the Alimentum, I'm saying it, knock on wood, but I'm saying it -- it's a wonderful wonderful turnout. He's the happy Luke I saw glimpses of here and there from the first day I had him. Poor little guy. The doctor said he didn't present with classic protein allergy symptoms, but could be allergic, or just not be able to tolerate the formula. And, they're right - whatever it is - it is better now. Now he can cry -- he can have gas, or be overtired, or cry like a baby does - but it is "okay" criyng -- they crying that isn't telling me something is wrong. I am knocking on wood -- because I'm afraid it will just go back to the way it was before -- I'm' seriously afraid of it.

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answers from Tampa on

My daughter was on Alimentum due to milk protein allergy. It was a life saver! But, it can take up to 2 weeks for the milk/formula to get out of their system. With my daughter, it was a few days before we saw the turnaround. Good luck!


answers from Stationed Overseas on

I had to switch my son because in the state of NC the WIC there doesn't give Similac Advanced so the only other thing that worked for him was the Alimentium and it was so hard to get since we had to have a doctors note for it. My son doesn't like it now since he's back on the Similac Advanced.



answers from New York on

My daughter (now 1 year old) started Alimentum when she was 3 months old due to severe reflux and digestion issues. We had to add cereal to the formula for the reflux. It worked wonders for her and we never had any issues with it. In fact, her dr. is keeping her on it for another month before we try anything else, because her food allergies are so bad. I have tried giving her dairy and she curls up in pain.
Good luck! Always give it a few days for them to adjust. Feel free to email me with any questions.



answers from New York on

My daughter was on that right from day one in the NIC unit at the hospital so I'm not that familiar but we never dared to switch - it was quite expensive thought but we never had a problem w/it so we never switched. We were just very happy when she turned one so we could get her going w/whole milk. Good luck!



answers from New York on

I had the same issue with my infant son, you must stick with it and things will get better! ( We switched to the AIimentum because he was always throwing up and very constipated with a dairy based formula)
I was ready to give up after 24 hours because he was still cranky and crying, etc. Then after a week things got better, after 2 weeks even it has been over a month and he barely spits up, is not agitated (except when teething) and can go to the bathroom on his own!

I know its frustrating, but if you don't see an improvement in 2 weeks, then I would speak to your Dr.


answers from Dallas on

Weeeelll, my son has that milk protein allergy and his pedi suggested the enfamil i can't spell it. (but i bought the similac one because more for the money...) anyhow, he's 5 months though, and just got diagnosed. he had an awful excema rash developing from the milk...and was so lethargic and just not happy. the first day...first was great. he hates the taste of them (they stink, don't you think? i'd hate to drink that) but other than's been good for us. his body was probably trying to rid of the former formula and now it's all good.



answers from New York on

We had to go through a bunch of different formulas for our first son. We later found out he had a milk/soy protein intolerance and needed to be on prescription formula. But our dr told us that we had to stick with the "changed" formula for 5 days...that it takes that long to really figure out if it is going to work or not. That first day that your kiddo had a not so great day on the Alimentum, was probably the left over older formula still in his system.

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