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Infant Torticollis

T.P. asks from Phoenix

My Son of four months was just diagnosed with infant torticollis, we are waiting for the PT to be approved by the insurance so we can make an appointment, But I rota...


Camping with an Infant.

H.J. asks from San Francisco

DH and I have friends who love camping. They have invited us to go on some trips with them. We just cannot agree on what to do with our 4 month old daughter. My idea ...


Cruising with an Infant

L.O. asks from Billings

My husband and I are going on a cruise in October. The cruise is a 7 day Mexican get-away. Three of the days we will be docked in different cities in Mexico. My quest...


Boating with Infant

C.B. asks from Fort Collins

Hi There, wanted to know if any of you outdoorsy moms out there have had experience with taking infants on boats. My little girl (2 months) does great on the boat, b...


Infant Constipation

S.M. asks from Greensboro

I have a 15 week old precious daughter who seems to me to be constipated. I nurse her only once in the morning and pump breastmilk and feed her a bottle during the d...


Infant Gas

L.P. asks from Appleton

Does anybody have any suggestions to help with infant gas? I give my seven week old mylicon and try to watch what I eat (he's exclusively breastfed), but even if I ea...


Infant Reflux

P.K. asks from Indianapolis

Does anyone have any experience in infant reflux? My pediatrition is thinking that my 8-week-old son has reflux. Right now we're "testing" out some things to try and ...


Infant Napping

C.O. asks from New York

My question is about napping. I have a 3 year old(girl) and a 2 month old(boy). Both of which sleep through the night. Which I am very grateful. But my infant sle...


Infant with Gas

K.P. asks from Denver

My 2 month old son has been suffering from long periods of excessive gas--especially in the evenings. It's severe enough that it keeps him from going to sleep and re...