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Updated on August 04, 2007
H.S. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I was wondering of anyone knew of a place in Fort Worth that offers infant massage. My son was recently diagnosed with Torticollis. Really all that means is that the neck muscles on his left side are tight. We have started Physical Therapy, and I have seen some improvement. I have read alot about it and many recomend infant massage to help relax the muscle. If any Moms have had children with torticollis or have done infant massage for this I would love to hear from you.

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Try Dr. C. Haggerton specializes in infants. She is so awesome I took my daughter to her for reflux and it was amazing how much better she was after seeing them. Call first because I know they have a message therapist who does infant messages. They are located in Hurst and worth the drive if they are a little farther then you planned on going. Good Luck.



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Hi H.,

My name is S. Lackey a mother of 2, 5 yrs old and 3 yrs old, I didn't know anybody about good physical therapist here in Fort Worth, but base on my experience my son who is 5 now got Torticollis ( I never remember that name), but anyway he did went thru physical therapy but just for few times because the way she was doing it to him is just too painful to watch so I asked her if I can just do it myself and she said its ok, she adviced me to do stretching on his neck 3 times a day 8 counts and repeat for 5 times, the first time you do it you fell so sad to watch your baby but you got to do it, it is painful for them because you are stretching that tight neck but if he cries really hard after doing it few times just stop and do it again later, you will see a big difference after few weeks of doing son was 12 lbs (c- section) when he was born that's why he got that torticollis but you can't tell that he has problem with his neck you barely notice it now, anyway hope this help you a little bit I just did it until his neck was looking better that was only 2 months and I think it depend on how bad it is I guess but he was ok after 2 months, anyway hope this help and good luck.

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A neonatal ICU nurse at Harris Methodist Fort Worth has restructured a form of adult theraputic massage for infants. It is called the M-technique. I read about it in a magazine and after I had my child at FW I asked about it. Was given a guide to follow. I must admit, I don't know much about torticollis, but the M-technique was wonderful for my little guy. The article said to call ###-###-#### for more information. Of course I just asked while I was there. It is also such a GREAT way to bond with your little one:)



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Hi H.!

Have you looked into a pediatric chiropractor? Many times torticollis can be due to a misalignment of the vertebra in the neck. Here is a link with more information regarding chiropractic care for children and torticollis - Best wishes to you and your son!

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