Adult Sleep Issues

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Insomnia -Snoring - Any Advice?

Hey everyone I am going through some major insomnia and was hoping others may have advice for me. First off, husband is a snorer so that doesn't really help this situation, but that's is probably just a small portion of the problem. I do wear ear plugs to help with that. I have major insomnia right now. In the last 5 days or so I have not slept through the night -and probably only got around 4-5 hours of sleep. I know some of this is due to me being in Peri-menopause. I feel like my hormones are one of the biggest things causing...


Help with Snoring

My Husband is going to kick me out of the bedroom!!! I have a snoring...


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~ Having Trouble with Insomnia

Does anyone have any good recommendations on help with insomnia? I have had blood work done and nothing stands out as a reason for it. I follow all of the "normal" routines for relaxing before bed, Etc. It is really affecting me and I need help!

Pregnancy Sleep Issues

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Insomnia While Pregnant! PLEASE HELP!

I have suffered from insomnia for years, but never has it been so uncontrollable as lately. I am about 30 weeks pregnant with my second, my first is nearly 17-months old. I spend all day chasing him around, and I'm exhausted. And I can't sleep. I can't sleep at night, I can't sleep during his naptime, and if by some miracle, I do get to sleep, anything that wakes me (including the baby, the dogs, or needing to pee) starts the cycle all over again. I am not being kept awake by anything - I don't feel stressed, the baby kicking doesn't...


I Can't Sleep

Help! I am suffering from severe insomnia. I am up an average of 2-4 hours...


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What to Do About Snoring Husband

Hi all~ My husband and I have been happily married for almost 5 years. We have a wonderful, loving relationship and a great kid. Everything is great except his snoring has gotten worse. Usually at night I'll just shake the bed or ask him to turn over. He is starting to get frustrated at me and is asking me to suck it up or sleep on the couch. He has done the couch in the past. The only position he doesn't snore with is sleeping on his stomach (I know he can't sleep that way all night). I think it's getting worse (the snoring). I don...


Help with Snoring

My Husband is going to kick me out of the bedroom!!! I have a snoring...