Afternoon Naps

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Naps...morning Or Afternoon

H.W. asks from Des Moines

I have a 17 month old little boy. Always been a great sleeper (10-12 hours at night) 2 two hour naps each day). Over the past 2-3 weeks he has really struggled with...


Short Afternoon Naps

R.S. asks from Portland

My baby has been a good napper since he turned about 5 months. He will soon be 9 months old and lately, he has been having difficulty with the afternoon naps though. ...


Update on Afternoon Nap

L.S. asks from Portland

My original request at the bottom of the page. Do any of you moms (or dads) have a 1 yr old that went to one nap only a day?? My son is now off dairy, cold is bett...


11-Month Troubles with Afternoon Nap

J.G. asks from Modesto

I have a really, REALLY active 11-month-old who has been walking since she turned 9 mos, gave up crawling completely three weeks later, and walks and RUNS everywhere ...


Dropping Afternoon Nap First?

J.D. asks from Los Angeles

I'm having napping trouble with my 14 month old. For awhile now it has been very hard to get him to take two naps. He LOVES his morning nap, and goes down around 9:00...


That Darn Afternoon Nap!

J.V. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 28 months. Around 18 months, she started not taking a regular afternoon nap. She has a tendency to build up exhaustion and then nap. When she takes ...


Afternoon Nap Disaster

D.P. asks from Chicago

Hi mamas... I'm looking for some advice. My 8 month old son for some reason does not have a good afternoon nap. He wakes in the morning early - and is really good a...


When Did Your Toddler Drop Their Afternoon Nap?

J.V. asks from Chicago

Since sleep is very much a habit, I was planning on having my daughter have quiet time till she turns 18, but here's the deal: My daughter NEVER took a third nap, ...


When Do You Let Them Stop Taking Afternoon Naps?

M.C. asks from Eugene

My 2 1/2 yr old doesn;t want to take an afternoon nap anymore. Can anyone tell me at what age most toddlers stop taking afternoon naps? I think he still needs one b...


Afternoon Grumps.

L.A. asks from Dallas

All of us. My girls and I are home most days. With my first kid, life was rough. She and I are too alike? too different? I don't know. Too-poor-girl-is-my-first-...