17 Mo. Sleep Problems

Updated on January 31, 2010
M.L. asks from Bridgewater, NJ
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My 17 mo. old daughter has had a very difficult time with sleep, mostly with staying asleep and soothing herself back to sleep. I am sure this has a lot to do with my inexperience as a mom. She has had issues with sleep right from the beginning and my husband and I have pretty much tried it all with no lasting results. Recently she had been waking many times at night to be soothed which sometimes would take an hour.

I knew she would have to learn how to soothe herself some how so out of desperation I let her cry it out, mind you I had tried this countless times in the past with no results. I figured I'd try again and to my very happy surprise she fell asleep on her own within a half an hour. After 3 days she no longer cried. We were overjoyed at this accomplishment . But, after a week of sleeping great she has stared waking many times at night again. The second night of crying when it did not stop after a half hour I checked her and had to sooth again at first I thought she was not feeling well. There is nothing physically wrong and no teething. Last night she woke up probably every hr through the night.

I don't know what has gone wrong. I would appreciate any advise from anyone who has had a similar situation.


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answers from Jamestown on

maybe have her checked out for allergies and to see if anything else might be wrong. She sounds like she's had the same kind of sleeping pattern as our son Daniel. He's 19 mths old. and sometimes he'd sleep great and other times he would wake, uncontrollable at night and have a hard time falling back to sleep. It turns out he has an IgA deficiency and now we're trying him on the gluten free diet to see if it will help. He also has had diarrhea since forever...and has been going downward on his weight scale. I don't know what your daughter maybe experiencing but I think it may be a good idea to rule out any underlying health issues. best to you and your daughter.

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answers from Dallas on

You might want to have your pediatrician check her ears. My son is also 17 mo. and he will wake up several times through out the night if he has an ear infection. Hope this helps :)

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answers from Albany on

I know that I have had two of my oldest learn (and they learned quickly) to soothe themselves, but my third he threw up if he cried for short time. So, I decided it's not for every child. I would take her to the dr's and explain that she's waking up every hour. Are you listening or checking to see if she's got gas and/or she may just want to be comforted and it won't last forever so take the time to spend that time with her if she's crying much. They grow up so fast and then you wish you had time again to hold her and cuddle with her. Trust me.

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answers from New York on

my daughter is 20 months and we use ferber method when she was 8 months old. it was the answer to our problem. before ferberizing her, we had to soothed her by rocking. i know some parents doesn't agree with this method and i used to be one of them but once i read the book it was not as bad as i thought. as you said there is nothing physically wrong with her so i would check out the book.


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answers from Austin on

I would second the idea about looking into allergies. Could you keep a food log and see if the sleep problems happen when she has certain foods? Other than that, I would say you just have to stick with the sleep training. Our daughter (12 mo) has been a terrible sleeper from the start. We also used the Ferber method at about 7 mo -- and it worked great, but then she kind of reverted and we had to do another round. There are a ton of sleep books out there (and approaches), if you haven't already looked into them. Besides Ferber's book, I've heard good things about Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. There's also The No Cry Sleep Solution. I tried that before we did the Ferber method but didn't get any results. GOOD LUCK! I know how hard it is.

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answers from New York on

Why everytime i read the questions, always have to do with sleeping problems?

how would you like it if they let you cry for so long? remember she still a baby growing, learning, I have 3 kids and I never let them cry, its was a pain but I would wake up and hold them or rock them. Of course I was tired but it was important to me, to let my child know that i was there if she felt the need. And please don't worry about what they say about " independence" beleive me she is now 15 and very independent. So try next time to hold her instead of letting her cry. By the way I read the books, but there were not for me. Good luck

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