Rocking Chairs & Gliders

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Rocking Chair or Glider

J.S. asks from Dallas

I have a baby due in about 4 weeks. I am wanting to purchase either a rocking chair or a glider for rocking him to sleep and sitting in to nurse. Which one would be...


Rocking Chair?

N.D. asks from Chicago

I'm looking for a place that sells rocking chairs. I looked into the sliders that they sell at Babies R Us, which are very nice, but so expensive? I just want a simpl...



M.K. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi folks! As a first-time mom-to-be I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the necessity of a rocking chair, recliner, etc??? Do I really need a rocker or will...


Rocker Versus Glider and Ottoman

K.S. asks from Dallas

I need your help....too many choices....rocker versus glider and ottoman? That's question 1 and question 2 is what brands have you experienced that are of good and la...


Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy a NORMAL Rocking Chair?

L.J. asks from Boca Raton

I want to buy a good ol fashioned rocking chair in a cherry finish. I can't find one!! I found one online only to be charged incorrectly then told "oh turns out these...


Rocking Chair Delima

R.S. asks from Sacramento

So I have a 16 month old who LOVES to rock to unwind each night before bed. I have a descent rocking chair, in his room, but want a new one. I am expecting baby boy...


Looking for Used Glider Rocker And/or Crib

H. asks from Minneapolis

I am expecting a second baby in December and am looking to purchase a used glider rocker with ottoman and/or a crib. If you or someone you know would like to sell, p...


Looking for a Glider

S.P. asks from Detroit

We had our first baby 4 weeks ago and thought we could get by with my mom's 30+ year old rocker without any cushions. Naive! Anyone have a glider they would like to...


Where to Donate a Crib and Rocking Chair?

D.D. asks from Dallas

I have been trying to sell a crib with rocking chair. I have tried craigslist twice but no one has even called. I would like to donate them to a church or a shelter...