Child Sleep Issues

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Toddler Sleep Issues

My 2 1/2 yr old toddler does not sleep! I have a 9 yr old too, and when he was this age, he slept just fine. I've tried everything, warm baths, warm milk, cutting off sugar at lunch time, energy filled activities in order to wear him out, nothing! He wakes up around 9am each morning, has a pretty normal routine. He eats, plays, and 'sometimes' he take a nap. We try and put him down for nap around 1 or 2pm, and he is not tired. He will sometimes get tired around 5 or 6, but if we let him sleep, he's up till 2am! He has the same effect...


Infant Sleep Issues

My little guy just turned 4 months old last week and was an excellent...


Sleep Issues Too!

We have tried a modified CIO several times to no avail. He doesn't even cry,...

Sleep Apnea

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Babies with Apnea

My 2 month old baby has apnea really badly, in fact they discovered it after she was born and she spent 10 days in the NICU because of it. She was 38 weeks, but I had gestational diabetes and was insulin depended because of it. The doctors have never seen a baby who was full term and has the apnea. I was wondering if there are other parents out there who might be going thru this too. Its very scary to be told that no one understands why or what to do with her. Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 15, she will be getting a MRI.


Reflux / Apnea

Okay so on Thursday night we ended up taking our 2.5week old son to the ER...