Nursery Decor

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Nursery Ideas

J.R. asks from Dallas

I need some good creative ideas. I have finally decided that at least for the 1st year I am going to let my 14 month old share his room with our newborn girl due in D...


Nursery Ideas

C.B. asks from Rapid City

okay, i am finally expecting baby # 2 in april and need advice on nusery ideas. i have a one year old son that will be sharing his VERY TINY room with the baby. i nee...


Ideas for Baby Boy Decor

M.M. asks from Chicago

I was thinking about what im going to have for my baby boy decor and matching blankets, sheets ect. I have a few ideas little suzys zoo, classic pooh or precious mome...


How to pick a color for my baby's room?

B.S. asks from San Diego

Help! I need ideas... don't even know where to begin. I got some great advice from some friend/decorator about not using pink again in my 2nd daughter's nursery. I li...


Boy's Room Decor Ideas? Where Did You Get It?

M.O. asks from Chicago

OK so I feel like the sports and cars theme is too overdone. I'm iffy on the solar system and space. Our toddler is too young to really have an interest in much of ...


Room Darkening Shades for Nursery

H.E. asks from Springfield

I am trying to get my nursery ready for a July delivery. I have valences picked out that match the jungle baby safari theme, but know that I will need something prac...


Looking for Someone to Paint Mural in Nursery

K.B. asks from Dallas

I am looking for someone reasonably priced to paint one wall in my daughter's nursery. This isn't going to be anything elaborate, just something simple that incorpora...


Need Nursery Ideas for a Baby Girl...

T.R. asks from New York

Hi, I'm pregnant with my second; a girl and I'm looking for nursery ideas. SInce my first was a boy, I'm definitely into doing a pink room. I found a beautiful phot...


Need Help Picking Paint Colors for Office and Nursery

C.W. asks from Dallas

I need help picking out colors for my husbands office (faux finish) and nursery (stripes on one wall) for my baby girl. Does anyone have a good eye for this sort of...


Nursery Decoration Ideas

K.C. asks from Cleveland

Hi all, I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my and my husband's first child, and I'm already thinking about decorating a room for the baby. We don't intend to find out the sex...