Bed Rails

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Bed Rails

A.C. asks from San Diego

At what age did you take off the bed rails from your child's bed? Both of my kids sleep in a full size bed (each has their own). They move around a lot, so I am not...


Bed Rails

M.P. asks from Louisville

My daughter is in a full size bed now at 3 years old. Her bed is high off the ground in my standards. My fear is her falling out of be. I put pillows on the bed on...


Bed Rails

C.C. asks from Dallas

Okay, so we're moving my daughter to her "big girl" bed very soon. But first we need to buy some bed rails. Could you please give me any advice on which you brand y...


Bed Rails

C.M. asks from St. Louis

When did you take away the bed rails on your child's bed (if you had them)? I am thinking about getting a frame for my daughter's twin mattress (now it's on the floor...


Bed Rails

K.J. asks from New York

Hello to all, We've ordered a "big boy bed" for my son who will be 3 in January. He's still in a crib, but he's ALL over the place. I want to buy bed rails for hi...


Bed Rails for Captains Bed

L.M. asks from Minneapolis

I am going to be purchasing a captains bed that has slats and no box spring for my daughter. I am looking for a bed rail that will be compatable with this kind of bed...


When to Remove Guard Rails from Bed?

T.M. asks from Phoenix

My daughter turned 4 in January and has been in a big bed since she was 2 years old (her choice - refused to sleep in crib). We still have her guard rails on her bed...


Toddler Bed Mattress and Rails

N.E. asks from Boston

Everywhere I read, I see that you can use a crib mattress for a toddler bed. We just got a toddler bed and the crib mattress is long enough but not quite wide enough...


Bed Rails

J.R. asks from Los Angeles

Any suggestions for a bed rail for a thick full mattress? Opps sorry I should add to keep my daughter from falling out of the bed at night. Thanks!


Has Anyone Used Bed Rails on Toddler's Bed?

C.K. asks from Shreveport

I need some advise on bed rails. We are moving my son into a big boy bed close to his two-year birthday. Does anyone know what brand or type of bed rail is best? A...