Patterns & Habits

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I Need a Schedule!!!!

Is it too soon to put my 3 month old son on a schedule? If not, where do I start? He's a awake most of the day and night.


Getting on a Schedule

i need help desperately. i have an 8 week old daughter and i am about to go...


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How Do You Change a Bedtime Routine?

I give my 9 month old son a bottle every night and rock him to sleep in my arms. I don't put him in his crib until he is sleeping. I'm trying to change his routine since he has been holding his bottle for 3 months now. The last 3 nights I've been putting him in his crib with a bottle, he drinks it and cries hysterically! Any suggestions on how to change a bedtime routine?

Flat Spot

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Flat Spot on Head

We have noticed that our almost 4 month old's head has a flat spot on the back right side. We have tried positioners, but he ends up twisting himself and getting wedged right between them with his body in an awkward position. I have heard that this might mean he would have to wear a helmet to shape his head. Any suggestions?


Flat Head !

Help my 10 week old baby girl has a flat spot on the back of her head. She...


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No More Naps?

My just turned 2 year old seems to not be interested in naps anymore. I was wondering when your toddler gave up their nap and how did you know it was time?


What to Do About Naps

My son attends a day care center that has nap time everyday for all ages. He...


To Nap or Not to Nap

my husband and I disagree on naps for our three and five year old. I prefer...

Sleep Problems

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2 Year Old with Sleep Problems

I am looking for help/advice about my 2 year old little girl. She doesn't sleep, she no longer takes naps and when she does sleep at night she has nightmares/nightterrors. She screams almost all night. And since she isn't getting any sleep she screams most of the day as well. I took her to our dr. and he said she will just have to outgrow it. The receptioist there thinks I should take her to a pediatrician unfortunatly as she is on medicaid there is only one in our town that will see her and I refuse to take my children to her, I did once...

Staying in Bed & Monsters

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Afraid of Monsters

my 3 year old has been really afraid to go to sleep, and waking up in the night because she's 'scared of monsters'.... any ideas?

Time Changes

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Daylight Savings Time Change Sleep Difficulties

Is anyone else having trouble with the daylight savings time change? We have an 8 month old beautiful boy who is having difficulty adjusting, especially at night. We are trying to keep up the same old routine, just like every night, but are finding that when we put him down to sleep he just wails. Normally, he babbles a bit or whimpers before dropping off, but the screaming is hard to take, so I end up trying to comfort him by not picking him up and just giving him verbal reassurances and soothing touch. After about 10 minutes of him...