Stranger Anxiety

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Stranger Anxiety

L.M. asks from Detroit

My child seems to have a great deal of stranger anxiety. Some people in my family seem to think she has autistic features because of this. She does have some speech d...


Stranger Anxiety

D.V. asks from Tampa

My DD is 4.5 months old and has started a "stranger anxiety" phase. She is fine until a stranger, or really anyone besides me or my DH, looks at her or talks to her....


Stranger Anxiety

A.M. asks from Minneapolis

Hi all, I feel like I'm always posting questions on this board--I really appreciate all of the feedback and advice!! My little guy, now 8 months old, is starting to...


Stranger Anxiety?

C.H. asks from Rochester

My son is 6 mo. old. He has recently started crying whenever I am not close by. I will put him down on the floor with his toys around him and try to sit on the couch ...


Stranger Anxiety- 4 Months

M.M. asks from Dallas

My 4 month old seems to have developed stranger anxiety suddenly. He was fine a few weeks ago and now does not like new faces. He cries if someone he does not know ev...


(Extreme?) Stranger Anxiety

S.D. asks from Detroit

From 3 months on, my son (now 8 months) has been afraid of everyone and everything. It goes beyond normal stranger anxiety. Random people say a mere hello to him at t...


No Stranger Danger

K.S. asks from Milwaukee

My son just turned one yesterday and I'm really nervous that he doesn't have stranger anxiety. Instead he either flirts with strangers or leaps at them. I do have a...


No Stranger Anxiety in 18 Month Old

S.T. asks from New York

My DS has NO stranger anxiety at 18 months. It's like he'll go to anyone with no fuss! Just today an elderly woman was talking to him at the store (he was in the shop...


Advice for Stranger Anxiety in 7 Month Old

C.M. asks from Chicago

My 7 month old son has severe stranger anxiety when left alone with family members (his grandmother) and babysitters. This week he has had a really rough time and cr...


Stranger Anxiety

S.T. asks from Chicago

I have a 20 month old niece who is "skidish" around males and people she doesn't know well. She has been known after much "exposure" to a particular person to warm u...