Nap Schedule

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Nap Schedule

J.T. asks from Houston

Nap Schedule Our son is 11 months old and has been taking 2 naps a day for a couple of months. He had a very easy transition from 3 to 2 daily naps. Wednesday, wit...


Nap Schedule

K.I. asks from Dallas

First let me say that I am thrilled that my 4 month old naps and sleeps relatively well at night. But when will naps become more consistent? I feel guilty that we a...


Nap Schedule

T.S. asks from Tucson

I have an 11 week old baby who I want to start getting on a nap schedule but I have a little problem that hopefully somebody can help me with. She sleeps great, she ...


Nap Schedule

J.D. asks from San Diego

Hi Moms~ This is my third question on mamapedia now and everyone has been so helpful. I'm hoping once again you can help me out. My son is 2 1/2 months old , but is ...



M.D. asks from Chicago

just wondering what a typical schedule is for a 9 month old...with times your child eats and sleeps


Setting a Nap Schedule

M.R. asks from Washington DC

Hi All! Looking for some advice re setting a nap schedule. My son is 13 months old and naps regularly at daycare. He has one nap during the day while at daycare. ...


Help with Regular Nap Schedule

D.C. asks from Fresno

I have a three month old son and I would like to get him on a regular nap schedule. He is about twelve pounds and sleeps about 7hours at night. We have a good night...



M.S. asks from Los Angeles

I have a eight month old. He is my second and quite different from my first. He has started fighting me when going down for his nap. He use to go down without a pee...



N.H. asks from Cleveland

I wanted to get some thoughts on when to attempt to put my daughter on a schedule or try to? She is only 4 1/2 weeks old and I know that this age is too early, but I...


Off Schedule

D.S. asks from Philadelphia

hi.. i'm not a schedule nazi but how do other mommy's handle it when their baby sleeps thru a bottle or a meal? Today Gabby didn't take a nap until after her 12 pm bo...