Sleep Problems with a Baby on Prevacid

Updated on June 02, 2011
M.Q. asks from Roxbury, CT
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hello everyone. i need some help. my daughter has had reflux for 4 months and has a milk allergy.i habe been diligent in taking her to doctors and working for solutions. she is now on prevacid one 15 mg in morning and then 7.5 in afternoon then .6 of pepcid at bed. she was doing great on her old dose at 7.5 in morning and 7.5 at afternoon the pepcid at bed. the doc had me up her rx last week and now she is not napping ;like she used to she is just 4 months and would take a short nap in am then 2-3 afternoon then would go to sleep at 7 and wake at 7 . now i rock her sleep then put her in her crib and as soon as i lay her down she screams. i have let her cry for 10-15 min and she has settled down. i am very unnerved and i am wondering has anyone else had a baby on prevacid and seen sleep patterns be disturbed when dosage is uped? or is this a new thing for her since she is very busy baby and very stimulated by her sister? help i hate to here her cry and everything was good

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answers from New York on

I don't have any experience with prevacid, but have you considered taking her for further allergy testing? It could simply be a food that's causing it and the medicine may be masking something. If you have the means and access to a holistic practitioner, consider this as there are natural ways to deal with reflux that could prove helpful.



answers from Davenport on

hmmm, never heard the salt thing before. I would talk to her doctor about it. #1: I think a lot of children's sleep patterns change around 4 months, so it may not have anything to do with the Prevacid or the reflux. #2: It may be that her reflux is not improving, maybe she is not comfortable when you lay her down (try elevating the head of the mattress to see if that helps). #3: It could be the Prevacid which can cause insomnia. However, if that was the case, she would probably be having trouble sleeping at bedtime too.



answers from New York on

Hi, I had a son with reflux & a milk allergy also. Je was sick or almost a year and a half before he finally out hrew it. We went through the medicine phase as well and yes it changed his daily pattern of sleeping & eating. We couldn't find a way around them or to change them back, so after a while we took him completly off amd tried other remedies. See the thing is o was a child with severe reflux that needed surgery so i kinda received info from a lot of people. The one thing we did do before stoping the meds was lower the amount, but add a little cereal in his bottle to help settle it a little. I hope this helps out a little. Good Luck.


answers from Austin on

How old is your daughter? This may be just as simple as a salt deficiency. Of course, not just any salt, but air-dried or solar-dried sea salt (preferably mediterranean). Alessi Sea Salt is the best brand that I know of on store shelves. The body actually uses the salt to make hydrochloric acid in the stomach, a crucial stomach acid to prevent reflux issues. It also plays a role in the development of the Adrenal glands (important for stress mgmt, sleep, energy, brain function, fluid balance...) as well as the production and movement of the bowels. Depending on the age of the child, it is generally recommended to give a pinch of salt in each feeding for an infant, 1/4-1/2tsp daily for a toddler, then 1tsp daily for a young child all the way up to adulthood. Hope this helps your little one.



answers from Los Angeles on

My son also had baby reflux and a milk allergy. So, I remember all the crying and vomiting. You should ask your baby's daughter to suggest a good soy formula. My son used Isomil and that helped. It sounds to me like your baby is crying when you put her down because she is uncomfortable. The reflux is at it's worst while lying. My son used liquid prevacid only but it really didn't seem to change his sleeping. I found that letting my son fall asleep in his swing or bouncer and then transferring him to the crib helped because he was falling asleep in a semi-sitting position. FYI: My son's pediatrician informed me that baby reflux usually goes away before the 2nd birthday. It actually was true when it came to my son. It has been a few years and he has not had any problems.



answers from New York on

I raised one who had reflux I nursed him because he had reflux, one of the things his pediatrician suggested was that I change his positionn when feeding him. That helped alot. I refused to medicate my babies with things that are supposed to warn us when things are not working for our babies.



answers from Tulsa on

Here's what we did that worked. J started on Reglan early in life, he took 0.9? It was a very skinny syringe that went to "1" and his dose was just under that. He had the medicine about 15 minutes before every bottle. We added about 6 drops of simethicone (gas drops) to the nursery water in every bottle when we made them up for child care or shopping trips, they looked slightly milky but it was the drops. We never laid him down flat. He slept in a bouncy chair, it reclines slightly and when he moves it sways/jiggles/bounces up and down. We sat it in his baby bed and strapped him in until he started fussing and seemed to want to lay down, maybe 10/11months.

I don't know anything about Previcid as a med except it causes the acid producers in the stomach to not make so much acid. Reglan, on the other hand, causes the stomach to relax and that allows the food to go on out at the bottom quicker and less painfully.

Pharmasists know everything about med's, doctors don't know much. Talk to the pharmacists that filled your prescription about the side effects you are possibly seeing.

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