Which to Use Nursery Water/city/tap

Updated on March 23, 2011
C.M. asks from Union, SC
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i am so confussed. I have heard not to use city/tap water with newborns...So i bought nursery water. I was reading on here not to give your baby nursery water with fluride...thats what i have been giving him.. I hope i am not doing wrong..the nursay water says to mix with baby formula!!

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answers from Chicago on

I used Brita Filtered water my sister had the filter you put on the faucet I do not remember the name of it. I used tap water that was filtered and kept water bottles in my diaper bag, refilled with filtered tap water.

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answers from Boston on

Just use tap water. It's the most highly regulated of the bunch. Avoid nursery water - they don't need the extra flouride at this age.

Don't worry about what he's already had, just switch now.

Good luck.

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answers from Sacramento on

We always just used tap water with formula. I've seen our city's water records and they looked fine, so it seemed like a waste of money to buy bottled.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Hi C.,

I can certainly understand your confusion about water. There are so many contaminants in it that you don't want to drink it unless it is purified. Here's a link to a couple of really short Get Clean water videos that you might find helpful.

Feel free to message with any questions.
V. Wright. CNC



answers from Savannah on

How old is your baby? Newborns don't need plain water. Formula or breast milk is what they need. If you're using it for formula, you could use filtered water.


answers from Richmond on

Don't use warm or hot tap water; it can get some metal or whatever off your pipes. I live in the city and we get a 'water report' 4x/year. Our city water is safer than the counties!! Just use cold water, and heat the bottle in a bottle warmer (or microwave, geez, I know they tell you not to but I always did. Just shake it up and test the temp before you give the bottle to baby).



answers from Miami on

C. - ask your pediatrician. IF they use the same water source as you (same city provider) then they will know if your water is okay. It probably is..but call to check.

If you are on well water, then you need another source or prepared formula and lots of sterilization. Otherwise, the only need for nursery water is places where the water is not drinkable (well water, airplanes, boats, etc.)




answers from Augusta on

Always used tap water or water from the thing in the fridge door when either of mine took formula. Nothing wrong with it.



answers from New York on

You can use tap water but always use cold and just to be sure, you should use a filtration system like Brita. That is for now with the formula and also when your baby starts drinking water. Some city water is better than others. If you have a well, have it tested to make sure its ok then use a filter system like Brita. You can use nursery water occasionally but they don't need flouride all the time. Don't worry, you didn't hurt your baby.


answers from St. Louis on

What about tap water run through a Britta or other inexpensive filtration system?



answers from Augusta on

You don't need nursery water. In fact the EPA just came out in support of reducing the amount of flouride in tap water, so I would definitely avoid it.

Newborns should never have plain water-- always formula or breastmilk. And if you are mixing formula plain tap water is fine.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Nursery water does not have much fluoride in it. It is a healthy amount, not harmful. If you really want to go non-chemical get distilled water. Most tap water is nasty.

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