Nap & Bedtime

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Are You a Philosophy Girl?

I was watching QVC a couple weeks ago when I couldn't sleep and Philosophy was on. I ordered the Candy Cane scrub, body wash and lotion for my mom and MIL for Christmas and loved it for myself. It killed me to give them up! As this was my first purchase, I was wondering if any of you use their skin care lines. Which one? Do you like it? Pros/cons/ mix and match ideas? If scent is all Philosophy is good for, I would hate to spend the money on a facial cleanser.

Attachment Parenting

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Anyone Follow Attachment Parenting?

We practice Attachment Parenting with our 1 year old daughter, and although we are still big supporters of it, there are some situations that seem to conflict with it. For one thing, our daughter co-sleeps with us and wakes up several times a night and needs to be taken out of bed and held until she falls asleep. And she is still needing a bottle 1 to 2 times a night. Everyone we ask says to let her cry it out, but with attachment parenting, that is not something we're comfortable doing. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Ferber or Cry it Out

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Self Soothing Help

My son is just turning 6months this week. He's been having a very hard time sleeping at night for the past 2 months - I just took away his pacifier because he was waking every 20-40 minutes, when it would fall out, throughout the night. I feel horrible for taking it away, but my peditrician says in the long run it is better to do so now. He seems much better at naps without it, but nighttime is just awful (its only been 2 nights). I've resorted to patting his tushy and shhhing to help him get to sleep as he just doesn't seem to be able...

Night Light

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To Night Light, or Not to Night Light ?

What has been your experience with using a night light for your toddler's room ? Do you think it is good or bad ? Our 3 year old son does not have trouble getting to sleep, nor does he complain about being afraid of the dark. But what does sometimes happen is he will sometimes wake up during the night and have trouble getting back to sleep. When my wife or I try to comfort him he will sometimes say that he is "A little bit afraid of the dark". He does not mention this before falling asleep, only when he wakes up in the middle of...


Night Light or Not

Hi! My 19 month old toddler is sleeping in his room in his twin size bed...


Childs Night Light

My daughter is almost 4 and I desperately need to find her a big girl night...

Night Waking & Crying

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Feeding Through the Night

Hello ladies, I need a bit of a refresher on this... My 6mo granddaughter is sleeping "through" the night, 6-7 hrs, then wants to breastfeed and will generally sleep another 3-5 hours. I read others' descriptions of babies this age sleeping straight through 9 hours. I recall mine being more like that by this age, but then that was over 20 years ago. Baby takes 2 daily naps, 10-ish and 1-ish, for 30-60 min. She just started on solids a few weeks ago, so they give her a full "dinner" of baby food, sometimes mixed with rice cereal, then...


Am I over Feeding??

My 6 wks old daughter is eating about 4oz. every 3 hours, but sometime after...

No Cry Sleep Solution

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"No Cry Sleep Solution" Age??

What exactly is the "No Cry Sleep Solution" and at what age does the author suggest starting her methods?


Cry It Out

What are your feelings on letting a baby cry it out? I know some people are...


Cry It Out or Not?

ok moms im desperate. I have a 6 1/2 month old son who is breastfed and also...

Sleep Lady Shuffle

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Sleep Lady Shuffle

Last night was "night 1" of the sleep lady shuffle for us. It was a traumatic experience at first. Our 6 month old daughter cried for ONE HOUR and FORTY MINUTES. (She fell asleep briefly for about 10 minutes after one hour and then woke up for another forty minutes). We stayed by her side patting her and "shh-ing" her every few seconds and we would pick her up if she got too hysterical. The only problem is that picking her up did calm her but when we put her back down, she would cry more intensely at first. The crying would taper off as we...


Baby Doesn't Sleep

My 8-month-old daughter is still a terrible night sleeper. Besides her...

White Noise or Sound Machine

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White Noise or Sound Machines

Hi everyone Do any of you or your kids use white noise or sound machines to go to sleep? Are they helpful for those who find it hard to just drift off? Thanks


White Noise Machine

I was thinking about purchasing a white noise machine for my one year old's...


Good White Noise?

Does anyone use white noise to help their child sleep at night? If so, what...