Bunk Beds

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Bunk Beds

P.D. asks from Missoula

We are seriously considering bunk beds. I have several reservations, but think we need to do this. My question is, What are the tricks for changing the sheets on th...


Bunk Beds

B.J. asks from Longview

I am thinking about getting bunk beds for my girls room. They are 6 and 3. Do you think that I should wait until the 3 yr old gets older or is it okay to go ahead and...


Bunk Beds

G.L. asks from Orlando

I am considering a bunk bed for my 6 year old, but don't know where to begin. I see IKEA has steel and pine beds, but not sure how sturdy those are. Anyone have any...


Bunk Beds

K.C. asks from Cleveland

Just wondering your thoughts on having bunk beds for kids. I have a set of twin boys that will be turning 3 in December. I am not ready for them to get out of the c...


Bunk Beds

A.L. asks from Lincoln

I was wondering at what age other parents put their kids in bunk beds? We have a really small house and would like to have our two boys in bunk beds before we start ...


Bunk Beds

C.C. asks from Dallas

We are planning to purchase a bunk bed for our boys. Right now they are too young to use them, but we want to put the bed in the room for them to get used to it. Our ...


Bunk Beds

C.P. asks from San Francisco

We are it rig our two daughter together in the same room. Ages 3.5 and 5. They really want bunk beds but their room will also accommodate two twins. Which would you r...


Bunk Beds Again

J.G. asks from Chicago

After much thought, I've narrowed my selection of bunk beds down to two. The one system is great because it is a low loft bunk, so its height is only 45". Since I am ...


Bunk Beds

J.L. asks from Dallas

We have 2 boys, 3 and 17 months, and are expecting another child in November. My hubby really wants the boys to share a room. I am ok with this I guess. My biggest co...


Bunk Beds

R.B. asks from Dallas

My girls share a room they have two small beds from Ikea that will expand to twin length but really are not deep enough for a typically mattress. How old is old eno...