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Updated on August 26, 2008
Z.C. asks from Poughquag, NY
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My son attends a day care center that has nap time everyday for all ages. He is in the preschool 4B class and most of the kids are 4.5 to 5 years old. I asked the director if they could stop taking naps for gradually decrease nap time in that class. I figured that by the end of the summer maybe they would be more used to not taking a mid-day nap. Unfortunately, they would not do that. So, my almost 5 year old son, still needs naps during the day. I wouldn't have a problem with that except for the fact that he starts kindergarten in September and there are no naps in kindergarten. I feel like this may be a problem because the transition to a new school will be tough enough without adding a sleep schedule change to it.
Does anybody have any advice about how to handle this? He DOES sleep during his naps at daycare. But he also has trouble falling asleep at night at bedtime.

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answers from Rochester on

After he stops getting his naps I bet he will fall asleep more easily at night. Also the added activity of school should help keep him awake during the day. He's going to want to stay awake with all his new friends!



answers from New York on

I remember this transition well with both my dtrs. They both still needed naps, even in the beg of kindergarten. Mine went to am kindergarten so I actually still had them nap at daycare the first month or 2 of kindergarten. After that they did not need the nap and believe me, school tired them out so they fell asleep by 8pm. Even if he does transition to no naps, he will still be tired and crabby the first 1-2 months if he's anything like my kids. It's such a big transition and I think their brains are tired out by the end of the day. By November my kids were into a good routine. My son is totally different, he gave up naps at about 3 1/2. However I am sure that he going to go through the same transition with being tired just bacause kindergarten is new and much different from preschool. Good Luck!



answers from New York on

I suggest changing schools or keeping him awake on weekends
remember you have the entire summer to change his sleep habits before he starts school, its really up to you to create something that works for your family.

If you think its gonna be a real problem, start creating a plan NOW, look for a school that doesn't nap and take action.

NO sense in waiting til your son starts Kindergarten
He will only suffer,

Your his Mom, you make the decisions for him, this is your choice, the school is not the parent.




answers from Rochester on

I can't believe at 4 1/2 or 5 years old he still takes a nap at all! Not on a regular basis, that is. No wonder he doesn't want to go to sleep at night. I would look for a different preschool. It sounds like the one he goes to doesn't want to be bothered with the kids so they just put them all down for a nap instead. It's a lot easier to watch a sleeping child!



answers from New York on

Hi Z.,
Don't worry about the transition to kindergarten. I am a kindergarten teacher and yes it is true that the children do not nap in Kindergarten.
However, I have experienced some students napping during the day.
We have so many fun activities that children usually do not fall asleep and if they do fall asleep I usually let them sleep for a little while but then wake them up and engage them in the lesson. The children usually get use to the schedule and routines, so don't worry. Everything will be fine. Your child will adjust and he will be sleeping through the night.



answers from Jamestown on

I would tell the school that they need to find something else to occupy his time while the others nap. Even if they wake him early from his nap to do so, and gradually decrease the time he naps.

Could be they didn't want to do it for the entire class, but they might do it just for him. Explain the entire situation and tell them how important it is for him to stop napping so he can adjust for kindergarten.

I also agree... he is going to be tired after school once he hits K. My daughter is in 5th grade this year and she still comes home tired after school. I sometimes let her nap for 1/2 hour or so after school so she can be refreshed for the evening.

Also don't be surprised if he comes home hungry! My kids are always starving after school...so be prepared with some light healthy snacks for him.

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